Hunt Royale – Enter the hunting grounds

[Game] Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale  The hunt is on!

Enter the hunting grounds as one of 4 warriors and survive in combat against awesome and unique fantasy enemies!

30 characters to unlock and level up!
Unique enemies to fight
Powerful skills to use and master
Unpredictable special events
Amusing voxel-based graphics

Unlock and learn to play 30 unique characters with their own skills and abilities. Level them up as you progress, making them stronger for future matches. Try out new builds while unlocking different skills each time you play!

The trick is… You not only have to survive – you have to hunt down more enemies than other players. Only with carefully considered character build and a lit of skill you will be able to achieve that.

It’s endless variety – endless fun! Choose between close combat, range combat, magic, brute force, good, evil and everything in between!

Find your favorite character and use it in awesome combat scenarios introduced regularly in unpredictable events.

Hunt Royale user reviews :

This is a fun, addictive game that I play with my wife. It has a lot of variety of classes to play, and game modes as well. Unfortunately only a select few hunters are great for any of the particular modes, and all of the other hunters cannot compete. This game does not try to be balanced, which just hurts variety. For example only ranged hunters should be used in Co-Op, as the monsters deal far too much damage for melee to be viable, which is a shame as melee is half of all possible choices.

Great game! I love it, I really do. And I’ll write a much better review once this bug is fixed. I got a notification about the new season, so I opened up the game and bought the battle pass. However! The battle pass rewards then disappeared. Uh oh. So I updated the app and then the rewards popped back up. Good thing! Except.. now.. the seasonal hunter has already been claimed yet he’s still locked on my character screen. Hopefully we can resolve this matter.

It is a fun game, I like the hunters and game modes, its easy to play, a great little time killer. But after about one hour tops of playing the game and watching ads (which you progress like 3x faster watching ads rather than playing the game, so you kind of have to.) Than there is zero progression. I have enough trophies that I have all the games modes and the characters you get after a crazy amount of trophies I’m not interested in. Also not a fan of the luck needed for the hunters you want.

So … definitely a 5 start game in the making. One of my new favorites. Here is my favorite thing about it: The pay to win is very, very limited. While you can pay for upgrades to increase your chances of survival and winning the various modes, it’s not a huge enhancement. The graphics are great. There are some great character designs. There are a few different modes: Classic in which you and 3 other players try to survive the longest against waves of monsters while you also try to gain the most experience. Co-Op in which you and another player defend a king against waves of monsters. Bounty Hunter in which you and 9 other players just kinda duke it out in typical battle royale fashion. And finally Boss Hunt, where you and 3 other players fight endless waves of monsters to gain levels and take down the boss. There are a couple different events that allow you to gain rewards.
  • BoomBit Games
  • Thanks for your feedback and for being a fan of Hunt Royale! We’re always working on improving the game and adding new content, and it’s great to see people appreciate it. I wish you the best of luck in our games! Have a great day, BoomBit Support

I like this game a lot. Just a few suggestions. A way to extend some time in the hunt map mode – like maybe a time capsule power up? Also more different levels of monsters, please. Thank you. Another suggestion, I would love to be able to fight with an endless amount of enemies when my level and power ups are almost full. ( A special or super attack button would be good ) Thank you.

Fun, good time killer, the co-op and multi are fake, youll always play with AI, duration for a single round are so short, super small single map. It has concept of archero-like game, but idk… Feels like its unfinished game. Could be great if the map getting bigger, longer duration on single battle, less grindy(currently, player has to play and win more than 200x to upgrade a single hero).
  • BoomBit Games
  • Please note that you always get to play with real players in co-op mode! We’re going to develop and update the game for a long time – we’ll keep you posted about “Hunt Royale” news on our and :) Regards, BoomBit Support

This game is addictive and I don’t know why. It’s simple, the heroes are very different from each other, the 4 modes are all fun in their own way. The IAP are expensive but not necessary. Minus 1 star because you can’t remove people from your friends list and there is a level of redundancy. Give it a shot, it might surprise you.

My new favorite time killer. I think my only real complaints right now is gold accumulation is too slow. So constantly have all these characters I cant upgrade. Then daily’s force you win rounds with a variety of heroes so your forced to use you gold on heroes you dont typically use to win these rounds. Makes it hard to work on leveling a persons favorite heroes. Another thing I’d like to see is simply larger maps and longer times/rounds.

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