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Idle Airplane Inc TycoonReady to manage your own airline?
In Idle Airplane Tycoon: create your very own aviation business in one of the best and complete idle games!

Will you manage to build the largest airplane empire and become a wealthy entrepreneur?
To make billions, you will have to be the best on the ground … and in the sky.
Once on the landing strip, be ready for takeoff: make sure that your flights arrive at their destination whilst satisfying your customers!
Improve and manage your own airport network between flights.


Start with a single junky plane … and end up with a fleet of luxurious airplanes.
Unlock and collect iconic airplanes by completing the exciting challenges of Idle Airplane Tycoon!
Upgrade your planes: add VIP seats and add luxury facilities like a casino or a bar in order to make sure that your flight’s are ranked amongst the best.


In Idle Airplane Tycoon, develop your airline by unlocking airports from all around the world: open flights to the most exotic destinations!
Upgrade your headquarters with all facilities needed to run a modern airport and to be able to welcome a greater number of passengers.
Transform your airport into a success story: open up more boarding gates and expand your duty free shop with new stores and various products.
Keep your airport safe: watch the boarding room, provide passport border control and security screening.


Idle Airplane Tycoon is not only about building the airport of your dreams, it’s also about managing your flights.
Manage your staff: train your pilots to deal with emergency situations and recruit hostesses to distribute food and beverages.
Complete crazy missions: passengers, precious resources or even dangerous chemicals, be prepared to transport all!
Will your pilot manage to safely land your plane at the airport?

Features available on Idle Airplane Tycoon:
Collect and upgrade dozens of iconic planes
Manage and expand your airports
Satisfy your customers and improve your planes
Explore the world map and unlock new cities and regions
Complete various missions

Idle Airplane Inc Tycoon user reviews :

Game is fun, but a bit short on content compared to similar games. It also requires one to watch a ton of adds to get any kind of real progress. The latest update even approx halved the amount of cash I get from watching an ad, making me watch more ads, which is annoying. Also seemed to have removed the ability to watch ads for tokens and gems, which greatly hurts progress as you need tokens to update planes. The game runs smooth. Rarely have any stability issues or experience any bugs.

The game is still buggy. Progress on missions is rarely counted. I have one plane that needs 10 cards to officially discover, but it has been stuck at 6/10 through at least 10 levels now. I have another plane that has everything maxed out and automated, but is still showing 3/5 stars. If the game worked as it should, this would be a 5 star.

Started off as a pretty good game except for there’s a lot of ads if you want to advance with any kind of speed. However something happened to the game and everything I had unlocked and accomplished has disappeared and now things aren’t even showing up on the screen where they should be like the gates to assign planes or the actual planes themselves. Now the game has become unplayable even after uninstalling and reinstalling

I just started, but so far I really like this game. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t so hard the goals are unobtainable either. It has a nice steady pace to it. NO FORCED ADS!! I actually like the fact that the boarding makes you wait because that’s when I watch ads to double my income for an hour without feeling rushed. This is a very relaxed game, but does require some strategic thinking to be successful.

I like it very much but I have two issues with it. The first is that it doesn’t collect money when the games goes idle and watching ads doesn’t help either. Like, I can only collect x2 money when i have the game open. I’m in level 38 and it has gotten kinda boring because there is not much else to do but to upgrade things and it takes forever to collect the money. I think this is because the only thing that works in the game are the check-in counters. When can I start building the other areas?

Game is GREAT, but money us not always collected while in idle mode or not playing, like the flights stop when u turn the game of and I thought that the point was to be able to collect money while being idle. Time it takes to built structures and upgraded takes way too long… Still a Good Game though, by far the one I’m currently playing most

I really like the game I have encountered some crashing but it looks to be tied to one plane. The stork 320 is stuck on gate b and when I unassign it. It does nothing It is stuck assigned to gate c and it is a preputial boarding state. But other than that the save issues are annoying but as a work around I close the game and it saves most of the time. I look forward to the rest of the updates

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