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Idle Basketball Arena TycoonWelcome to Idle Basketball Arena Tycoon, where you can fulfill your dream of becoming a successful basketball manager.

Build and design your own state-of-the-art basketball training facility, manage and train your team of players, and compete against other teams to become the ultimate basketball champion.

As the manager, it’s your job to sign contracts with famous basketball teams and rent out courts to earn money. Use your income to expand and upgrade your facilities, including building new rooms and upgrading equipment, to attract more elite basketball teams and players to your training center. Continuously grow your reputation and move to more luxurious locations in the basketball world.

In addition to managing your facility, you will also recruit new players to your team, purchase top-quality gear and equipment, and train your team to compete against other basketball teams in exciting matches. With each victory, your team’s ranking will increase, leading to more lucrative contracts and sponsorships, and attracting even better players to join your team.

Idle Basketball Arena Tycoon offers an immersive and exciting experience to those who are passionate about basketball. Are you ready to become the ultimate basketball tycoon and lead your team to victory? Join now and show the world your skills!

Idle Basketball Arena Tycoon user reviews :

I enjoy the game, but to really advance in a satisfactory pace, you have to watch ads, which I don’t mind, I do enjoy the game, but with ads continually automatically going to Play Store crashes the app, and its then where I stop playing and think about uninstalling and stop playing, it’d be great if you guys could do something about it.

I would vote higher but the ad service is predatory. It shows 3 minutes worth of ads for what should be 30 seconds. The ads only show scam apps, and half the time you click the x on them it autodownloads a false version of whatever app is displayed, even for legit apps. This is easily rectified by changing ad providers, but the creator chooses a scam system to implement instead. The only reason ads dictate the score is because the game nearly forces you to choose between them and pay2play

Pretty fun game, better than what I thought it would be when I saw the ad for it. Yeah, the game has quite a few ads during gameplay, but if you’re just playing it to pass time, then it’s not so bad. Currently at New City, thinking why I couldn’t access the next part of the map but came to find out that part of the game is still being developed.

Waited almost 3 months for next level only to have them change the rules of the game so they can gouge you for more money in order to do anything. Absolute joke. I will never play another IDLE game again thanks to you. Only reason there is one is because I can’t leave zero. This was an ok game but changing it to rip people off more is unethical. I can buy a ps5 and games for less than you need to spend on this. APP DELETED.

There is an unlockable island. I have everything maxed in my complex. I can’t progress farther in championship mode I own the highest players. I have millions or billions now in cash. I collect it daily for no reason. I own alot of mascots. Not all but a good amount. I just wish I could progress farther in the championship mode with my team.

Fun game until you got blocked by a lack of content. There are now 4 cities you can unlock but the developers haven’t allowed the user to go to the last 2 yet. I paid for the ad-free version ($30)and have completed everything to do until the next city is unlocked, currently have $6.5b and everything maxed out. Fun when you play it starting out but little content is available for later game players. The developers are very slow with their updates too

Addicting at times but painful in others. Unlike most other idle games, it does not have a x2 multiplier bonus for an extended period of time, instead, you must watch an ad for every major sponsor to really generate income. This can be tedious and an adfest.

This game is actually very interesting and i like playing it but why can’t the advanced island open? and what should I do to get this advanced island open? i have made maximum improvements to all existing equipment and I have reached level 419, please immediately update this game and open a new island so that I can continue playing this game. Thanks

Your game is awesome. There are too many ads popping up while playing the game. I tried purchasing no ads and starter pack. Wasn’t able to perform any purchasing even though I am using my card. It shows in rupees in the app and while buying it changes to dollars. I think thats the only thing stopping my transaction. Can you suggest how to buy the packs from India?

The game is awesome, hopefully in the next update, you can change the name the Training Facility and can call a meeting to the Meeting room for different teams that train to the Facility to initiate Talks on players that can sign on “The Team”

Fun game, but if you don’t spend atleast $30 on their packages it gets boring because it takes months to complete a single gym.

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