Idle GYM Sports – Build and manage your first dream gym

[Game] Idle GYM Sports

Idle GYM Sports

Fun free tycoon, strategy and management simulator game! Creat your gym empire.

Ever wish you could own a gym? Start to share the satisfaction of fitness workout.

Build and manage your first dream gym. Expand and improve the Archery Hall, Basketball Hall, Boxing Ring, Football Field and so on.

Invest wisely with different growth strategy. Allocate your money in turnstiles,staff management and attract elite sportspeople to make your gym more famous.

Explore diverse sites all around the world to build your unique gym empire! Make your customers enjoy all kinds of workout equipments and routines. Start a business from scratch, manage it strategically to see it continueously thrive and become a gym tycoon as you wish.


User-friendly interface.
Realistic simulation of the gym scene.
Stunning 3D graphics and smooth gameplay.
Multiple choices of facilities, equipment, services and growth strategy.
Enjoyable exploration of your own gym business and different rewards and achievements.
Get idle money and become the best gym tycoon in the world, even when you’re offline.

If you are a fan of strategy, management idle games or wish to own a gym business,Idle GYM Sports is your best choice!
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Having fun playing Idle Gym Sports!

Idle GYM Sports user reviews :

Good idle game so far. Most idle games I’ve played all have ads to watch if you want to level up, etc. It just depends how patient your willing to be. It would be nice to start off with a a handful of gym players rather than having to “buy” them one at a time, especially for basketball and baseball.

Ive played many other idlers. None of them had a sports games like feature. I like this. Training your team as well. I like this. HOWEVER. I noticed my teams stats going down when after watching the ads to get more training time. This not only confused but made me very upset. Deleted as soon as i noticed this.

The idea of this game is great. It’s obviously an exact copy of another gym game. But somewhat well done. Here are the negative points. The English is atrocious. The layout is completely unbelievable. The sport competitions are just for show and don’t actually play the game(this is the biggest negative and failure of this game). And the page is completely covered in ads. Don’t even think about the ad free version. The cost is not worth it for the lack of content.

There are a lot of ads (if you choose) but I don’t think any of them are forced. Liking the game so far. I’ve played a few others like this, like Idle Hotel Tycoon. I’m not into sports but the sports theme is really enjoyable to watch

So I’ve tried quite a few of these kinds of games. Most are a slog, or slow down your phone to the point where the app is unfunctional. I am proud to say that this game doesnt slow down even in the slightest even on the final gym. I was impressed. Makes me want to look up other games by this developer. This is one big thumbs up from me.

I like it but need to update this game. I’m in the last part, need to update for another stage.

Love this game so much but I dellited it. The reason of this is it crashes when you watch adds for rewards and I don’t like how you build a new stadium and it resets everything.

This is a great game i love the different teams in the game brilliant this is a great game lots of fun

  • Hi, We appreciate your 5-stars rating! It is very important for us! We’ll keep working hard to give you the best possible experience in our games. Best

A great game to be sure but there’s one negative this game app has that seriously needs addressing and that being the in-game idle tournaments, I’m like 2 games into a basketball tourney then Final match comes all the sudden ‘Bam’ I’m doing a tennis thing instead

I give this a five star because you have to upgrade everything and that’s fun and you can build new places for people to go in but you first have to upgrade the stadium to get more places and that’s fun adout this game so that’s why I rate this game five star.

I like the game. I have found one issue with the locker room area. It will only allow me to have 212 customers out of the 300 capacity. Fix this issue and i would happily give it 5 stars.

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