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[Game] Idle Magic School

Idle Magic SchoolHave you ever dreamed of building your own magic school?

Your dream will come true in this new idle magic game!

You will build and expand your own magic school in the mysterious magic forest, upgrading magic courses, unlocking school scenes, enrolling students and helping them graduate to become a Dragon Knight!

The gameplay is simple. Allocate your money wisely with different growth strategies on muggle training, dormitory management and attracting elite wizards to bring fame to your magic school.

You have different tasks to deal with. After tasks are completed you will get glory to expand your territories, such as Water Country where is around with turbulent rivers and students won’t be disturbed by the outside. You can also upgrade magic trees to get fruits which can be used to increase the wizard star grade. Additionally, launching converting machines are necessary, as muggles need convert into wizards by the machines before they are able to learn magic. Last but not least, hiring new staff in the shops will bring more customers and earn more coins.


Even if you do not log in the game, your school will run automatically, generate offline revenue, and build the best magic school in the world.
Simulate real magical scenes and environment with amazing animations and 3D graphics!
Full of various simulation business challenges.
The magic shop continuously produces free coins. Remember to collect them.
Multiple choices of disciplines, professors, magic tools and growth strategies.
Explore your magic school with fun and get generous rewards and achievements!

Train the greatest wizards in history through the Magic School!

Idle Magic School user reviews :

I really like the game and have spent a few bucks here and there. However, I’m finding that the stage Winter Land has very low income compared to the amount needed to completely upgrade every classroom. This stage needs to be fixed, I already went to the next stage and it’s almost finished while Winter Land is still 65% done with no way of finishing it because the amount needed for each level/upgrade its on the Q’s while I’m barely earning 1-3T’s. Please fix it.

I was on the fourth location when the app suddenly stopped. It does not load and it looks like it has lagged, but no matter how long I wait, it still does not work. I reported it to the email they provided and I did receive a reply (only asked for the app version and language used) but they never gave me another feedback. I feel so dejected and disappointed. I liked the game so much, I topped the rankings for almost 2 weeks, but now I can’t retrieve everything back.

I really like this game, pretty quick progress for an idle game with an attractive art style. The no ads upgrade seems obligatory to really enjoy it, but there’s no need to spend any more than that which I really prefer vs games that are designed to be deliberately frustrating to keep getting you to pay more. Lowered from 5 to 4 stars because it seems abandoned. It’s been ages waiting for final area to be released.

  • Your support is the driving force for us to move forward.

Please update the last area!!! I’ve been playing for quite a while and really enjoy it! It saddens me that it’s been so long and the final area still isn’t open! For this, I’ve knocked off a star. While I did purchase the ad remover, it’s really sucky that you can o ly get offline rewards for 2 hours. The cost of upgrades quickly climbs to where it takes days to get 1 level. Great game for a bit of time wasting.

This game is such an eye candy. Really enjoyable. It is clear that a lot of effort was placed into its creation. Probably the best of such idle games. Shame though that it’s vertical screen only. Makes it hard to navigate and stressful to play. If it could’ve been possible to make it horizontal, the review could’ve had one more star.

This game is so darn cute! I installed it recently and have been playing it nonstop. I paid something like $10 bucks for the add free version and it is so worth it. As a result, I am now chilling on the top of the tower challenge list. Because I don’t have to waste time watching ads, my game play has gotten much faster and I level up faster, too.

It’s an awesome idle game. Unique art, typical click to upgrade and idle game. The game feels well made instead of some of the other idle game art and system that looks like the other 436 idle game. Best part? IT DOESN’T SHOVE ADS TO YOUR FACE! The ads are there if you want to get any resources, but you don’t need to get them. They barely ever ask for ratings too. It’s very sad that your progress isn’t saved to any account, downloaded on other device and starts from 0 again. Please Dev fix this!

I enjoy this game. I’ve even paid for extras. However, it’s losing its appeal. I’ve been on the last stage for ages. It takes a LONG time to level up the classrooms. If there was another interactive way to earn coins, I think that would help keep my attention. Hope you come out with more levels soon!

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