Idle Miners Settlement – Explore the deepest mine and its mysteries

[Game] Idle Miners Settlement – Mine, Craft, Fight

Idle Miners Settlement  Dive into a tiny open-world placed in a small miners settlement and unravel the immersive story behind their village.

Mine the materials, trade, and craft new equipment. Fight with dangerous enemies in classic RPG battles. Explore the deepest mine and its mysteries. Finally, help the villagers to get life back into the village.

Don’t wait anymore and try out this nostalgic and fresh RPG idle clicker game.

The most important features:
Open world.
A true storyline behind the game.
Trade materials and get profits.
Idle offline materials mining.
Classical old-school RPG battles.
Immersive idle clicker game mechanics.
Equipment system based on the best RPGs.
Built-in auto clicker.
Dozens of quests to be completed.

Are you still not convinced? Or maybe you didn’t try idle clicker games yet? No worries! You can try it for free!

Idle Miners Settlement user reviews :

At first I loved this game but then I just randomly lost all my progress. The person I was playing this with saw that and has also stopped playing in fear you would lose everything. No point in getting this game if you just loose it all. Waiting on support to get back to me. If they can’t do anything I will leave this review as a warning for others

At first I really enjoyed the game, but leveling up my character gave me no benefits. I’m at level 18, my health is still at 500, my attack and armor levels haven’t changed, except from my equipment. There’s a bug in the quest for giving a pick to the goblin, you can’t give him one you made before, have to make a new one each time instead. No reason to level up the cat/dog pets, doesn’t seem to change their abilities, either. Am I missing something? Will uninstall soon.

In my opinion this game is good and i don’t mean the part that you have to pay for example 5k wood but the part where you never get bored as the developers update the game almost always or at least it seems like. At the start you could only mine and sell and maybe buy some animals to mine for you, the golden dog was quite easy to get as the luck for the pet chest was all he same for every pet but.. it was fixed. Anyway thanks to the developers for making this game and if you are new good luck.

Recommend avoiding this game. You won’t get decent tools for a long time unless you use a code (power 5 pick) and there’s nothing to the combat/level system. You dont gain stats or hp when you level, you will be stuck with the first dagger for a very long time because of the scheme part “mechanic” which honestly kills the game. Scheme parts are for tools, weapons, shields, consumables, runes/boosts, and pets. I would have put 1 star but I do like the pets collecting resources. Still, avoid.

Lost all my progress today. Just recently started a few days ago and spent money on the game. Today while loading it randomly showed the new character button. Closed the game and it kept showing up created a new character hoping the auto save would let me reload with my old character and it hasn’t it just shows the new 1.
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  • Please send mail to us which include invoices of your payments, to solve your problem with lost money.

Some insites for the devs: – when you are underground, the gate changes in the dungeon and in the mine it’s diferent and can be confusing – the gate sustem in the necromancer crypt it’s not working properly – the power of the monsters is to big in the necromancer crypt compared with the 1st dungeon and in general (i have max shild a almost max sword and its a struggle movimg down) – to beginners, its hard to know wich monsters drop what – crafting prices for final battle itens use too much tears

Was fun, gets boring quick. No rewards for leveling up, cost too much to buy new pets and upgrades that barely do anything… game needs lots of work..I spent about $40 to try to make the game worth playing but that was a complete waste of money

I’ve been playing for 1hour already and seems like a pretty good time wasting game. And the most important thing there isn’t ANY annoying ads Thought for some reason you can’t be a male. All the hairs are mostly female hairs. And there BOOBA on Both male and female

Latest Update :

Complete game rework for smoother gaming experience
Character personalization with automatic randomization
Reworked mine location and pets for improved mining
Reworked NPCs for better game interaction
Introducing milestone quests for more joyful events
Event pass leaderboards for rewards based on points
Quick travel system for easier movement with scrolls
Direct boss spawn with boss scrolls for quicker fights
Reworked inventory.

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