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Idle Pet ShelterWelcome to Idle Pet Shelter – a game, where you can run a pet shelter, help cats and find them a new family!

Become a manager of a shelter, making the cat’s life better with each upgrade!

Start running a small shelter in an abandoned building and grow it into a cat paradise! Improve every item, build new rooms, unlock new cat treats!

Manage your cat needs and also the needs of the team of volunteers working with you to help cats! Customize rooms, unlock new licenses and technologies, prioritize tasks to help you with your improvement strategy.

Add new rooms and types of activities for cats! Build new playgrounds or yoga zones and buy more objects for your cats to interact with.
Once done in one shelter – move on to the next one – some of the volunteers will join you on your journey to help more cats.

You’ll be responsible for all the cats you adopt! Feed them, play with them, find them a place to sleep, a cup to drop from the table, a robot cleaner to ride on… Thankfully, you have volunteers to clean out the mess!

Motivate your volunteers team and help them be better at what they do! Follow their storyline and find out more about the team you’re working with.

Play Idle Pet Shelter now if you enjoy management and idle games! Help cats, improve your shelter, and find out more about your volunteers in this cute and casual idler!

Idle Pet Shelter user reviews :

The ads are all optional and so far (second shelter) not mandatory for progression unless you’re impatient or want extra cat costumes. My only gripes are that sometimes the cloud save and local save can desync, restarting the game progression at least through the tutorial, sometimes the ads cause the screen to glitch erratically, and sometimes the ads cause the app to crash, all of which are frustrating. Other than that, this is a decent little idle game, and I’m excited for more content.

  • Hi, Noëlle! Please contact us at support[at] or via the in-app support chat. We’ll do our best to restore your progress!

As a former kitten rescuer, I love the little intricacies of how an ideal shelter would work. It’s a gentle juggle of “can’t save em all because you save so many.” I adore it! So calming. Update: Thanks Idle Pet! It was still so charming, but very short. Only 3 shelters to upgrade and no end game. Only took about 2 months to beat playing casually. Kept it downloaded for months wondering about an upgrade with more, but no dice.

  • Thank you so much for your updated review! Just in case, we’ve recently released the 4th Surfing Cat shelter. Don’t miss it

What was the point of struggling to upgrade everything and expanding how many cats our shelter can house only to loose all that progress? Can’t believe I can’t go back and at least adopt out the cats that were there. Poor Penelope was only one treat away from becoming adopted… this game is not about helping cats. You have to pass up 95% of the cats because you don’t have the space to house them, and by the time you have the space for them, it takes you to a new level and you can never go back.

  • Hi, Gracie! Could you kindly contact us via in-app support chat or email us at support[at] We’ll do our best to restore your progress.

I love this game so much! The cat designs are so cute with all the diffrent colours! You can leave the game for a bit and you still gain things! There arent any forced ads which is always a plus! The only ads are if you want a reward or something. The only annoying thing is the cat delivery lady. She brings cats even though you have no room for them. You can watch an ad to make space for the cat but if you dont want to watch an ad you cant have it. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! Thanks for reading

  • Thank you so much for your review!

So cute & lots of fun. I’m off for summer & regret that I’ve played through it too fast. I hope you add more shelters (I only wish it was actually helping cat shelters). I don’t like that we can’t rescue cats if our shelter is full. Maybe we could, for a fee, refer the cats to a previous shelter instead of abandoning them? Do buy at least the ad remover cat if you can. Well worth it.

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