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[Game] Idle Seafood Tycoon

Idle Seafood TycoonAre you ready to take over a seafood factory and become a seafood tycoon?

Manage the factory to produce high-quality seafood and make a fortune!

Start with a small factory and turn the humble factory into one that not only produces high-quality seafood but is also able to find incredible undersea treasures.

Manage the processor, stevedore, and maintainer, avoid shutdowns due to facility failure, expand production and keep your employees happy by creating a clean and hygienic working environment. Every detail matters, including the coffee machine in the break room. Be sure to invest wisely.

Know What Workers Want

Take care of each worker’s mood to prevent them from going on strike. Upgrade the break room and cleaning room to improve employee comfort. Keep your employees in a good mood by providing a high-quality working environment. Improve the break room by offering better meals, and keep the workplace clean.

Employees and Directors

Highly productive employees are needed. According to your current demand and development strategy, fire and hire for these positions: processor, stevedore, maintainer, cleaner, and director. Every department does its part to keep the factory going. Optimize each department to increase productivity. Manage teams properly and earn as much revenue as you can.

Invest in Your Factory

Upgrade the electricity supply room, office, reception, cleaning room, and break room to improve working conditions according to your business vision. Upgrade the workstation, unloading room, and sales room for workers. Maintain power supply to avoid power-supply-related downtime and keep the factory functions on track.

Complete Order

Make sure the products are produced in a timely and efficient manner and properly delivered to the buyers. Manage customer orders wisely and arrange production schedules to satisfy the customers. Pay attention to equipment maintenance and assign excellent processors. You’ll get huge rewards from the customers.

Expand Your Business

You’ll amass a comfortable fortune and be famous for your outstanding leadership! There’s a chance that you could manage a bigger seafood factory. Go deeper into the sea and show us your talent!

If you like management and simulation games, Idle Seafood Tycoon is for you! It’s an easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken to grow your factory with profitable results. Starting with a modest factory, you have to work hard to grow it and unlock higher achievements. Turn it into the world’s leading seafood factory and become the best seafood manager!

Idle Seafood Tycoon user reviews :

Glitched events. I have maxed everything and the event demands I upgrade equipment to advance up the leader board. I literally can not as everything is max upgrade. The other goal is to level up a person which I also can’t do without spending money since the only way to get characters is: money, rare game rewards or complete quests. I can’t do quests since its glitched compared to what I can actually do in game. I emailed the support team to no response.

Silly but I actually like it, being pregnant and put on bed rest it passes the time when I’ve had enough of reading

Good Find!! A lot of these base Building/Company building type games are pretty much the same. This one is more of the same, but with a little twist. It’s a pretty good time filler W/0 having to watch an irritating ad every 15 to 45 sec nonsense, and is why I happly gave it a five-star. I’d give this app a strong (B) Great job to the folks at LGG for finding this for us.

Update** Updated to latest version but nothing works when tapping on it. Cant access other areas or see orders. Decent game. Only two world’s open even after meeting the qualifications for opening the third. Tasks do not seem to run when not open, as they are no further along when I open it back up. Since last update, game just stays at the loading screen but does not load.

  • Kindly update to latest.

It’s okay, but after I unlock a lot of stuff like departments, the game gets very laggy. The frame rate is so slow that the game gets frozen sometimes. Looks like others share similar experiences like me so hope this gets fixed. For now, I don’t want to give lower star ratings because of this major bug.

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