Idle Strikers 1945 – Write a new history with Fighters

[Game] Idle Strikers 1945

Idle Strikers 1945Strikers 1945 Fighters Ready to Scramble
Fighters have gathered and are ready to launch with your command.
Write a new history with Fighters!

Create Your Own Formation
Gather Fighters and fuse them to summon stronger Fighters.
Drag to create your formation and enjoy strategic battles.

Simple Flying with Extravaganza Battle
Fighters are on autopilot to defeat enemies.
Collect loot to develop your Fighters.

Fast-paced Gameplay with Diverse Content
Defeat the legendary bosses and aim to reach the top in ranking battle for different dungeons
with a single battle against other fighter formations.

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Idle Strikers 1945 is available in 4 different languages: English, 한국어, 日本語, 中文繁體
Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may be refundable depending on the type of item.
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Idle Strikers 1945 user reviews :

This game is absolutely stunning! The leveling up system when fusing the planes is sweet like actually watch a plane evolve from nothing to a F1 or Mustang blows my mind. I love it the whole mechanics of leveling up, assisted fusion,fast forwarding, and even frame rate 45-60.. One slight downfall it does kinda take a while to load in and has difficulty playing on lower quality phones at times with small crashes. This game is definitely worth downloading and even spending a little cash I love it.

  • Your review just made our day! We hope you continue to enjoy playing the game and we will always try our best to bring you the best gaming experience out there!

Wouldn’t let me open the game. Claimed I had an auto-clicker and would not open. Two things: One, I have an auto-clicker for WORK to keep my WORK APP open and to keep me logged in without having to manually click every 5 minutes. Two…that CLEARLY means that this app has some sort of scanning/Spyware on it and is harvesting data that is unrelated to it’s own operation. That is beyond the pale, and I’ll be reporting this to the App Store.

  • We are so sad our game is not working for you. We can give it a double check for you so please send us a message over to our support team @

It’s a really cool idle merger with great graphics and an invigorating soundtrack. The thing that kills it is the frequency in which it closes out. I’ve tried all the scrubbing bubbles and nothing stops it. It’s your end. That’s too disruptive so 2 stars, and uninstalling. Good luck.

Com2us. You broke my heart, dropping those 2 baseball homerun derby games I forgot the actual name. Those were my favorite games of all time. I put money down for bats etc and you get rid of it. Witchwars was great too. Letting us get into games and then just dropping them, is not good business. I still gave you 5 stars on this one, but I don’t play your games any longer, because of business practices. I was a great customer. I loved ur games

Game will not run on my Z Fold 5, error message displays immediately after launch, ‘illicit activity detected’ and forces app shutdown in 8 seconds I can’t play this game, but I am crazy curious to find out more about these alleged illicit activities you speak of. I’m not here to cause meyhem or engage in sketchy activities, I just want to play your game. That’s it, that’s all…

  • We are so sad our game is not working for you. We can give it a double check for you so please send us a message over to our support team @ !

I always love 1945 since I was a kid this brings so many memories as a kid but the game is doing so great I can’t stop playing the game itself hope y’all can add more fighters I want to enjoy the game more also you did a great job to bring childhood to life but modern this is what we all need but hope you can add classic Arcade graphics one day I’ll enjoy it a lot

I remember playing these kind of games in an arcade when I was a kid and this game brings back so many nostalgic memories. I really like how they implemented an upgrade system. Will be playing this game more to see how it turns out. for now I’m liking it.

  • Thank you for your 5-star review! We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the game. Please let us know if you have any more feedback to offer on how to improve the game via HIVE 1:1 inquiry @ ~ Thank you for playing and we wish you luck in the game!

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