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InfectonatorTired of killing zombies? How about turning people into zombies instead!

Infectonator is infecting mobile devices! From the popular Flash game hit, The Infectonator series is now mobile. New characters, awesome pixel-art graphics, and more! Best of all, it still has the same addictive chain reaction gameplay! Infectonator gives you all the awesomeness of Infecting people, turn them into zombies, and dominate the World once again from the palm of your hands!

Infectonator user reviews :

A solid game, for sure, but this mobile port (and even the Flash version) is severely hampered by the new map zooming/panning. You *can’t* zoom out far enough to see the whole of the bigger maps and, dor ke at least, the panning just *doesn’t work at all*. Also doesn’t help when the tutorial for it also uses tapping on the screen to continue, leading to me skipping a couple boxes because two fingers, two taps. I want to enjoy this, but it makes it nigh-impossible beyond a certain point.

I actually love this game and the lack of ads, I love that you can continuously play and there is progression as you play. My only complaint is that when you leave the game and come back you often see a black screen and need to restart the app although small inconvenience and I’m sure is just a missed bug. overall love love love the game and it’s in my top 5 currently

This game is just as good as it was back on Kongregate when I was in high school. It almost brings a tear to me that its free for mobile. I really enjoy this game. Although, there are times where the app freezes in the middle of some missions, usually when the time is accelerated and I’m throwing everything and the kitchen sink with it. May need to fix that.

Infectonator is a good game as simple as it is. Infect the whole world, earn money to upgrade or collect new zombies. It’s a repeat till you finished the game. You do restart but earn a star, getting more of these unlock things that are rewarding. The screen feels weird to minimize and its awkward to handle. Everything else feels great as it is.

Nice and addictive, but the last level has an insane jump in level requirement, and after destroying all other cities you can only access this level, making it insanely difficult to grind for the coins necessary to proceed. More levels before this should have been in place, the difficulty shouldn’t have been so high, or there should have been a better way to grind coins.

Stupid Countdown in endless infection gamemode. Absolutely enjoyed this game as a casual play. Loved the challenge in indless infection. Only thing that continues to get tediouse it the 5 second countdown that feels shorter then 3 seconds I’d be sitting there attacking crowds of people (in the game) and all my zombies die so I use my bought zombies to place them down and the timer I was to fast for me to even click the zombies I want to place… I’d recommend adding another 5 seconds

It’s alright, and the game is fun. Great time killer buuuutttt.. The controls are really weird, like really weird. The screen keeps moving all over and it’s hard to get the screen into a normal postiton. It’s also kinda hard to get enough coins in the game, which is ok but i think it should be easier. Ads are.. Eh, they’re kinda alright

This is a pretty ok game, It’s fine it’s just not really my kind of game. It’s also kind of repetitive and it’s mostly because the AI for the zombies is really bad. They just run around aimlessly until someone gets close enough to them, they wont even notice someone even if they are being shot at. The game has a sensible microtransaction system as it can be played entirely without feeling like you need to buy something to have fun. Even if the game isn’t for me, I still think the game is worth playing.

I have nothing for love in my heart for this amazing game! I grew up with it, and when I saw it on the app store, I just had to download it. No ads, tons of content, amazing work. I have seen complaints from people about slow upgrading process, but that’s 100 percent false. Hot tip: Endless mode can give you tons of cash to make World Domination so much easier. Fantastic job.

It’s a fun game where you can plan your attacks, upgrade and there is some elements of positioning certain characters but the problem in this game is the camera. You can zoom in but only the extreme centers. You can’t move the camera around when zoomed in and on-top of that there are constant rewards that pop up at the top that take away your vision. Unless I’m missing something with camera control this needs to be updated immediately. For now 3/5. Change my mind.

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