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Infinite Magicraid

Dear adventurer, welcome to the Lowes Continent.

On this continent, you can collect heroes, summon the strongest companions, awaken the dormant force, and constantly break through your own upper limit.

With your heroic teams, embark on the journey from the Sword Harbor to defeat the evil god, Lihem. Battle through the divided Lowes!

Game Features:

Collect Powerful Fighters
Collect hundreds of powerful fighters with unique features from ten factions.
Awaken the souls controlled by the evil god, gather the power of gods, elves, dwarves, wizards to defeat the evil god, Lihem!

Join 5V5 Exciting Battles
Thousands of strategic ways to team up and deploy your heroes into battles. Compete with players from all over the world, fight for the highest honor, and get rich rewards!

Enhance Heroes to Become Invincible
Upgrade, awaken, upgrade skills, and get your power enhanced.
Equip Equipment, Artifacts, and freely decide how to train your heroes.
Awakened heroes to get exclusive weapons. Unlock emblems and talents to make them invincible!

Unlock Thousands of Combinations
Collect heroes with unique skills, unlock thousands of ways to team up, and lead them to invincibility on the battlefields of PvP and PvE!

Earn Rewards from Idle Play
Dispatch your team to complete tasks automatically, and continue to obtain resources such as Hero Shards, Coins, Equipment, etc. while offline.
Backend battles allow you to set up to 50 multi-battles to get tons of rewards. Free your hands and give you more time to enjoy the real strategy game.

Immerse in 3D Visual Effects
A variety of 3D characters with exquisite details. The immersive experience of different stage scenes, such as the Sword Harbor, desert, forest, snowfield… Lead your team to experience the infinite scenery of the Lowes Continent in battles!

Experience Grand Stories
The hand-painted stories of the 12 Campaign chapters allow you to appreciate the culture sceneries of the Lowes Continent, and uncover the bonds and conflicts of Factions!

Explore Rich Dungeons
Rogue-like challenges, climb towers, challenge powerful bosses, collect rare materials, and get tons of dungeon rewards!

Play With Worldwide Players
Add friends, establish a guild, earn extra earnings while sharing your gaming experience with players all over the world!

Contact us:
Email: infinitemagicraid[at]

Infinite Magicraid user reviews :

(Update) It’s a fun game & distraction from life with “just enough thinking” involved to get into & enough automation to see your decisions play out. (Helps with real life thinking passively) When I first downloaded the game it was during a big update (for a bunch of apps) that update is why it was “clunky and slow”. Once getting over that hurdle it’s been running great. (Original Post) Very clunky with some resource issues which make it extremely slow to load and it tends to get hung up.

  • We’re sorry you feel this way,every update and optimization is to bring players a better gaming experience. We hope that our content and gameplay can allow players to have a happy time during the game.At the same time, we recommend that you try to play the game on the PC side, which may give you a better gaming experience.

The game is very promising. Sure it has issues such as UI delay, absurd prices (30€ for season pass, among other offers, is insane. High prices -> no one will enjoy/buy, low prices -> affordable and many buyers/players to support the game), connection issues, but when all of those are fixed, it will be soooo much better!

2.5/5 Needs Refining. Great graphics that won’t heat up your phone. Takes up 2.5GB of space, kind of clunky interface that requires repeat pressing to progress at times. Biggest draw back is that it is a clone that takes way too much time out of your day. Not every single battle needs to be seen in it’s entirety especially if you place them in auto. You took a lot of good elements from the existing genre and put your spin on it, but left out one of the most important considerations…time.

  • Dear Robert H., thanks so much for this detailed feedback! All points will of course be passed on. We rely on player feedback for updates, changes, and additions to the game! If you have more to share, do not hesitate to talk to us directly at infinitemagicraid[at]! We can then happily also discuss things with you.

Great game, lots of cool Characters different play abilities. I really like the game…buuuut, Connection issues have been increasingly obnoxious. I understand it may be many factors but I have not had this many issues with a game ever. I can play for like 3min then have to close and reopen to get past a frozen screen, I even tried different server, clearing old data….idk…

The game is overall fun but it needs a lot of work. Positives: lots of different play modes, tons of characters, lots of different gear sets and forge allows for even more, early game play offers good rewards and a nice supply of summons. Negatives: Campaign mode is VERY DoT and Control/invincibility heavy, because of the number of heroes getting really good ones is rare and the rates of 4 or 5* is pretty low anyway, ranking up heroes is very costly even early on, lvling gear is expensive too

  • Dear Curtis Janssen, thank you for your conscientious comments. We’ll keep optimizing the game play on Campaign mode according to your feedback, you can leave your suggestion by contacting our support email: infinitemagicraid[at], hope you’ll get a better game experience in the future.

Very fun but has a major flaw. Instead of allowing you to reset characters at a low cost, this game requires an item to reset any upgraded characters. They initially give you one for free, then an extra cost 1000 gems and can only be purchased once per month. You can buy another for $19.99 after that. You need to be extremely careful who you choose to lvl up in this game. If you invest in mediocre characters early on, you are pretty much stuck with them.

  • Hi~Christopher Lapping!Sorry for the bad experience on resetting characters in our game, your feedback and opinion about it will be certainly conveyed to our devs team for further review and discussion, if they find that there are parts of this feature that require some adjustments, we will make changes as we see fit.

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