Infinitode 2 – Stand against infinite number of enemy waves

[Game] Infinitode 2 – Tower Defense

Infinitode 2Every game in this Tower Defense strategy game (TD) is endless – stand against infinite number of enemy waves for as long as you can!

Complete the story line for great rewards.

Simplistic, well optimized, tiny in size but overfilled with features: 14 different types of towers, 11 types of enemies, bosses, miners, teleports, barriers, modifiers, resources…
Over 40 different levels with leader boards and plenty of quests – no endless grind!
Towers gain experience, abilities, different aiming strategies and can be heavily upgraded
Miners can be used to dig out Resources for new global upgrades
Map editor can be used to build any map with resources won for each game.
Music tracks are stored in maps and played with synthesizer! Players can create a great map with any music and share it with others.
Huge permanent upgrades tree (over 300 different Researches).
Many trophies (3D!) for completion of hardcore quests
Detailed statistics for each game
Synchronization of saved games with PC or any other available device.
Game can be passed to unlock a Developer mode with infinite possibilities!
No ads, everything can be unlocked for free!

Infinitode 2 user reviews :

Overall the game is great. More polished than the first edition, has some new enemies, towers and gameplay mechanics. My only, but also big, dissapointment is the fact that you need to grind a lot of “research resources” to unlock upgrades and progress through the levels. I do like the mechanic but it needs tweaked since now I see it as a chore and don’t enjoy it at all.

I’ve been around since the days of the first Infinitode. A really great game to pass time that becomes increasingly difficult as you progress. I love the fact that you can choose between a relaxed experience and a chaotic experience where you have to pause and slow down the game every wave to make changes to your tower setup. Bought it on Steam and using crossplay on my Android phone as well. Always connected.

  • Hello. I’m very glad that you like my game. Thank you very much for your support in game development! Have a good time with the game

I love tower defense games, and I was looking a lot for one that let’s me play and explore. It isn’t greedy and doesn’t ask for money and doesn’t show you ads randomly either. It gets more complex all the time and I love how you can replay the already played levels with new towers. I’m thinking about trying to make my own maps soon.

  • Hi, Alexandra. If you have any interesting ideas for levels, send them to me at Thank you for your feedback!

The best tower defense I’ve played so far in a mobile. The mechanics is challenging yet enjoying. Even though there are random hiccups like: (1) the enemies stopped spawning all the sudden after placing one tower even though the timer has run out, and (2) when forcing a wave, enemies will suddenly appear halfway through the map instantly with full health.

  • Hello. Can show me a screenshot with this bugs? Contact me: Thanks for the feedback!

Absolutely outstanding! The game mechanics are really something else, the game itself requires fair amount of strategy. another unique feature is that you can gather resources from in game which you can use in research to upgrade towers and overall outcome. and research skill tree is amazing. There are daily tasks and challenges to keep the game entertaining. one of the best TD’s out there. And a free to play at that. 5/5 Would rate it 10/10 If I could.

This game is so good. It is the perfect tower defense game. Huge skill tree, endless waves, various towers. Downsides: there aren’t enough levels. I’ve barely touched the skill tree and have beat all the levels. Needs way more levels. Also the story is corny and I think the music is bad. But idc I’m here for the awesome gameplay. And it is very good. P.s. I’m a programmer so I appreciated the skill tree w all the programming concepts.. thought that was funny.

This game is absolutely brilliant! From the simple gameplay to the music it’s absolutely incredible. The music is catchy while also adding to the environment as you mow down endless waves of enemies. The game is simple to pick up but easy to learn the intricacies like what does well against certain units and upgrading your towers. The ads are completely optional and give you a boost to your gameplay! The tech tree had me in awe of how massive it is and overall an amazing game!

  • Hi, Brendan. Thank you so much for your detailed review and 5 stars rating! Enjoy the game

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