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[Game] Infinity Clan

Infinity ClanWith clans fighting and people struggling to survive, who will end this chaos?

Join the clan and be the strongest warrior! It is your duty to restore the glory of your clan!

Instant Upgrade
Whether it’s building or troop unit, just merge and upgrade. No more tedious waiting. Experience the exciting clan cultivation!

Recruit Heroes & Defend Home
Become the commander of your clan, recruit different heroes to fight and defend your own home.

Lead Your Clan
Develop with your clan mambers. Compete with other clans and make your clan stronger.

Build Your Home
Start from zero, build your home to train troops and make your home more unique by placing and upgrading various buildings.

Global Online Battle
Various game modes are waiting for you. Develop the clan with players from all over the world and recast the glory of the clan!

Infinity Clan user reviews :

The graphics were okay about the gameplay Is nice. Definitely can be a total free to play if you looking for something simple. I say give it a try. Biggest thing for me were updates. The game isn’t regularly updated so it’s a bit of a pain dealing with lag and other issues that randomly pop up. Lately we have more issues with the graphics and auto join. We need help from devs soon.

Its fun! Kind of confusing. Also why does it crash so much and freeze when it loads? I didnt have a problem other days but today its just not letting me even load it. Plus training is taking way to long! Been about a week. Support got no where. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still having the problems of the game crashing. Do not waste your money with these people.

  • Dear player. We are really sad to hear about how this situation has impacted your overall experience with our game. Please kindly contact our support and they will help you.

I’m playing the game for a month, it’s been fun but you see the game crashes or freezes a lot. Thereafter, we took lost Palace 2 times after peacetime end but none of the options working. Pls complete the lost Palace development as fast as possible . Your customer care team is fast and they resolve the issue fast. But upgrading is a bit frustrating. It’s hard to upgrade legendary hero through senior stars .

Careful when using hard to get items. Had a few stars to level up my character and the game crashed causing me to lose them and the progress. When I opened a ticket I was told without screenshots or a video they refused to help. The developers require you to document everything you do so when there end makes a mistake they might fix it so make sure you videotape everytime you do because the game crashes all the time

  • Dear player, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Could you please provide us with the in-game id and the ticket number for the further checking? Thanks for your kind understanding.

Good game, graphic candy, game play getting better all the time. The 5th star is not their fault, just the rubbish Internet I have. Keep up the great work and your longevity is assured. Great for young to old. Certain typed words just star out. Maybe too strict but very safe. Meet the world players and have Fun. I don’t normally rate anything but this is different. Have no connection to any party or financial interests in the project.

Its good game, but a couple QOL changes can make it way better. 1. Allow the reorganize of owned tiles inside your base 2.) Move the auto join feature from the war tab, since you can only set auto join if there’s an active rally 3.) Fix the time for the gem nodes, why wait 2 hours when you get the same 10 every minute 4.) Reduce the amount of clan tokens needed to purchase stuff from the alliance store, or increase the amount gained through clan activities. 5.) Add crit chance for clan donations

Love the Game, However recently it has gotten a bug where it will randomly start reloading a page. Alliance page, inventory page, research page. It will not stop until you restart. It happens VERY often and has made the game nearly unplayable please fix for a full 5 stars.

I really like the game, I spend plenty of money like many other players too help development of the game. We’re all waiting for the great updates to come, it’s very strategic game play. You can play free and still have fun like many of the other player. But to be honest, this is a pay to win in most cases. But there are many “upcoming updates” to come that will make the game even more interesting, it is sad to see older servers die out tho, but the newer servers are full of new people learning

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