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[App] InShot File Manager

InShot File ManagerFile Manager – XFolder, a powerful & easy-to-use file manager & file explorer with desktop-grade features, helps you handle ALL your files efficiently. With File Manager – XFolder, you can easily manage files on local device & SD card, and quickly find files by browsing.

Manage Files All in One
Browse, Create, Multi-Select, Rename, Compress, Decompress, Copy & Paste, Move files and folders
Lock your files in private folder to keep safe

Easily Find Files
Search and find your buried files fast with only a few taps
No longer waste much time looking for videos, music or memes you’ve downloaded before

Key Features:

ALL File Formats Supported: New files, Downloads, Videos, Audios, Images, Apps, Docs and Archives
Quickly check both internal and external storage including SD card, USB OTG
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) : access your Android device storage from PC
Compress & Decompress ZIP/RAR Archives
Recycle Bin: restore your deleted files
View Large Files: browse and delete unused items
App Management: check and remove unused apps
Built-in Tools for better experience: Music Player, Image Viewer, Video Player & File Extractor
Option to show hidden files

Full-Featured File Manager Tool
Find powerless to manage tons of files on your mobile device? Try File Manager – XFolder, find and manage all files, apps, videos and photos downloaded on your local device. Search and remove unused items with this file explorer tool.

Easy-to-use File Explorer Tool
With all the basics you’d expect and some outstanding extras — all packed into a nicely designed and easy-to-use interface. File Manager –

InShot File Manager is a handy file explorer and storage browser that helps you find and manage what you’re looking for fast.

Warm Tips
To experience all features of File Manager – XFolder needs some permissions as follows:

Please be ensured that the request is used for file management ONLY. This file manager & file explorer tool will NEVER do harm to users.

Thanks for downloading File Manager – XFolder. And if you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us at[at]

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InShot File Manager user reviews :

It’s a great app for file management and I like the extra features. Share has been added to the video player which is great. But what happened to the “put apps to sleep” or hibernate them feature? I used that a lot and would like to see it added again. This is my second time using this app and it has certainly improved.

  • Dear user, we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our long-time users due to recent updates in Google policies. As a result, we had to remove certain permissions and some cleaning features. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

4/2/23 – This is almost great. Thought I’d finally found a fairly ideal file manager; well designed, attractive, fast, found my local SMB servers, etc, etc… and was excitedly about to purchase, then realized that the only Cloud service it’ll connect to is Google Drive! Why even have a “Cloud” icon!? You might as well just have a “Google Drive” icon. I use Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive; each for different purposes. How strangely limiting. Very disappointing! Sooooo close.

  • Thank you for the positive feedback! We’re glad you like our app. We are constantly working on adding support for more cloud storage services, and we’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind. Stay tuned for future updates!

Good file manager that allows me to connect to the SMB shares on my NAS! Only major complaint is that I wish the “sort by” option would be remembered on a per-folder basis so different folders can be sorted alphabetically or by date. Then I wouldn’t have to change it so often. Devs? Another issue I’ve experienced with SMB is that copying/moving files resets the “date modified” metadata.

  • Thanks for your suggestion. We have already taken it into great consideration. Please stay tuned and if you could rate 5 stars to support us, we will be very grateful. Thanks a lot in advance.

Every phone should have an app like this as a default. My phone used to have one, but for some reason after an update it would no longer show up. Only with an app like this could I see what is on my USB drive with my phone, see my downloads, see a list of pdfs on my phone, I.g. Manage my files. Thank you File Manager.

The best phone app ever for managing everything no matter where you store your files. I’m expecially impressed with the speed transfer rate moving large folders and files back and forth to either device, sd-card, and cloud. Truly a time saving app that gets the job done.and gets the job done.

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