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[Game] Interstellar Pilot 2

Interstellar Pilot 2Learn to fly at the flight school and then head out into the stars in this space sim.

There are huge open-worlds to explore with hundreds of roaming ships.
Play how you like… become a mercenary, trader, miner, bounty hunter or passenger transporter. Or wage war and conquer the universe.

Features –

Pilot ships from a small shuttle to huge capital ships
Sandbox mode – create your own universe
Build up fleets
Construct factories
Scripted scenarios
Detailed spaceship models
Tutorial system
Cinematic visuals
High quality 3D audio

New to version 2
Patrol order
Hypersleep (time acceleration)
Improved fleet management
Free camera rotation
Station components (upgradeable)
Take control of sectors
Easier station building

The game was designed for best play on a screen size of around 5″
The game is currently in English language only

Interstellar Pilot 2 user reviews :

Alrighty, so here it is. The sequel. To be honest, pretty well followed. I have two recommendations though, pixelfactor. One, you make a diplomacy system, where as an Empire, you can make Negotiations between other Empires, and two, you add visitable planets. As an amateur game dev, I know that planets would be an incredibly hard feature to add, but it would enhance the game to a new level. Also, adding in more options for the fugitives, and making bounties easier.

I played the original game for a few years and loved it. I’m glad it has finally been updated. The hyper sleep function is terrific as well as the new command controls and other functions. Honestly, I wish there were still more ships, ship designs, weapons variety, and color (all the ships at this point are the same gray color). Otherwise, I am so pleased with this game and recommend it to all sci-fi game lovers.

It puts most other mobile games to shame. Not filled with ads. The ability to do massive battles on low-end devices. Tons of customizability, replayability, the ability to make things insanely challenging or laughably easy for any skill level. A massive sandbox where you can change literally any factor you want with the only limiting factor being your phones processing power. This game has so little in it, yet you can do so much. Most of the fun comes from what you make. Devs plz add a storyline

Perhaps if paint jobs were possible for individual or ship fleets, that would be awsome! The hypersleep function was much needed. There is only one issue: I returned to IP1 and worked my way around the old ui and thought: this seems very simplified and easy compared to IP2. There are some instances for me when the ui can feel slightly cluttered. For instance, the top bar that holds the pause botton used to have only three long buttons. Now it has 6 small buttons that the log button had in IP1.

Phenomenal! I put hours and hours into Interstellar Pilot 1 as it scratched that very specific X3/Space Mount and Blade itch and Interstellar Pilot 2 is only Better! The quality of life improvements are wonderful and make it much more manageable to direct fleets as well as making the early/mid game easier with time skiping. The new models are cohesive and look great especially in tandem with the graphics. However it would be nice if there was an advanced menu controls tutorial. Great Game!

Wonderful game with endless possibilities. Starting out is a little rough, with minimal tutorials and no real detailed in-game explanations of how some mechanics work, but it’s very fun and fairly quick to understand. Starting as an Empire definitely helped me understand a lot of the game mechanics that I could apply to playing as an individual pilot later on.

This is one hell of an upgrade from the first game. Building is streamlined, the hypersleep function is fantastic, the ship designs are very nice (especially the Hornet, which was already my favorite from the first game) and the fleet/order system has been especially my favorite upgrade. Can’t wait to see what other features you have in store. Glad I spent the money for capital ships in the first to help support this.

Anything the original Interstellar Pilot did wrong, this sequel did right. The new features make the game much more immersive, and more playable. Capital ships no longer being behind a (albeit well-priced) paywall is amazing, as it opens the game further to free players. The god mode addition is also cheap, and useful for doing experiments. Overall, I can’t stress enough how great of an upgrade this is from the og Interstellar Pilot. Hope that it stays this great!

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