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Iron KnightTales of Iron Knight

Iron Knight is a 2D Idle RPG game with plentiful growing aspects.
Iron Knight begins weak and poor, but he will rise strong eventually depend on how you decide to grow him. This game is RPG game, but strategy is the main game content!!

Game Features
Offline idle reward available
In-game chat is available
Automatic game play!
Acquire various resources through hunting.
Enhancement: Properly distribute the received resources.
Change weapon appearance: Acquire powerful weapons!
Various contents: Raid, Pet, Treasure Hunt, Awakening, World Boss, PVP
All elements of the game lead to growth! Get ready, now!

Official site:
Email: help[at]

Iron Knight user reviews :

Fun game! No forced ads and constant progression even when idle! Needs option to salvage soul stones from equipment – even at a cost of diamonds would be better than nothing

  • Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience for you to give us 5 stars! please don’t hesitate to share them with us. help[at]

Very in depth idle game, with lots of options to play your way. Love all the build options, and the way the little iron man slaps away like a twacked out lumber jack

A few bugs so far but seems okay. When I first installed there was a lot of missing text and had to clear the app data for them to appear. Next bug is a purchase went through but have yet to receive the items as of yet.

  • Hi, thank you for contacting us. We do realize this issue. Apparently there is a problem with the in-game font texts and we are on the process of fixing this problem, This fix might also take a while because we are preparing big update contents for Iron Knight on this week! Please check our Announcement on discord!

Bad, okay some clarification first off boring isn’t a game if it’s boring just bored… second if it’s boring and full of ads nobody wants it at all why to be bothered by junk no thanks

  • We’d love to understand what went wrong with your game. Please email us at help[at] so that we can try to fix it for you. If there is anything we can do for you to give us 5 stars , just let us know at help[at]! Have a wonderful day!

So far I like this game however, my previous 5 star rating is being revised following two recent failures, first was a pet purchase when spending 10,000 gems and receiving no pets, second was a failure to reward me gems and keys that I had earned. I play this game a lot but if this happens just one more time I am uninstalling it. Contacted customer support. The game is part of the deal, support is another important part. People respond to complaints but they don’t solve issues. Uninstalled

  • We’re very sorry you’ve encountered this issue! Please contact us at help[at] with your details. Include your Game Id, screenshots or video of your in-game problems and your nickname / support ID so we can help with your issue more thoroughly and faster. help[at] We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

The numbers… they don’t stop…. big numbers…. bigger numbers….. crits, hits, lucky, special, all the numbers. Big numbers go brrrr. I can’t even stop. I need all the numbers!

Could be a decent game but the English translation is basically non-existent. No descriptions on upgrades and the in game progression tasks are white boxes so I have no idea what is going on. Possibly wait for the translation to come out fully before advertising in English at all ty.

  • Hi, thank you for contacting us. We do realize this issue. Apparently there is a problem with the in-game font texts and we are on the process of fixing this problem, Please check the update today and everything will be perfect again! Please check our Announcement on discord!

So I would put 5 stars but the game is still in its early stage and clearly unfinished. its an awsome game with a great community. so far there are plenty of bugs and issues as reported by outher people in the comments of this game. my only major issue with the game so far is there are no words for the task/missions or on the general message bords amoung outher sections in the game. I would recommend this game but only to people who would understand how to work arround the issues stated by outhers.

  • Hi, we’re glad that you are enjoying our game. As this is an Idle Game, there is indeed no specific tutorial but the missions are technically the tutorial as the same with any other Idle RPG game. If you have any questions or any suggestions on how we could improve please don’t hesitate to share them with us. help[at]

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