Jelly Star Night – Enjoy various stages

[Game] Jelly Star Night

Jelly Star NightJelly Star Night : Move jellys to match with the same colors

Match 3 or more jellys to clear the given mission!
Enjoy various stages and unique effect of the special jellys!

brain puzzle game with simple rule
no play limit such as heart, play as much as you can!
can play even without network!
can play even in AIRPLANE mode!
game file is as low as 20M, light-weight download!
supports tablet screen
supports 14 languages


Jelly Star Night user reviews :

Got another game by these devs and they definitely don’t disappoint…simple no frills and relaxing gameplay without the greediness just to move forward to the next level is like a breath of fresh air…another super job well done!!!

I think it’s very good and attractive games for all age groups

entertaining and easy to play

Very nice entertaining game

Best game i love it


I think it’s an amazing game

love this game much.

Great game to pass the time. Only negative thing for me is that it’s too easy.

Good mined game makes you think!!!!

A relaxing alternative to for-profit games like Candy Crush Jelly and Toy Blast. It doesn’t set you up with levels that suddenly demand in-app purchases for completion

I love that, the game does not cheat like others, but would like finger bridges and jumps something different than the rest.. fun game

Springcomes games are awesome…I’d give 5 stars if they gave us more than 10 coins for each level passed…maybe increase the coins as the levels become more difficult???

Tons of fun game. Cute caricatures. Easy to use. Great graphics. Can’t stop playing.

When I hear this music I miss my family. Nice game gg

I really enjoy this developer’s games. I believe I have them all. I enjoy the way the developer goes steadily up ward in difficulty. The levels are enough so the games not over before you are really done playing. The only thing is I wish it linked into gameplay or Facebook so the levels would lock in. Still love it tho.

It’s a nice little game but becomes disheartening when you can’t achieve 3 stars, even when you’ve reached the target in minimal moves and get lots of boosters. If this issue were addressed, I would gladly give an extra star rating. Thanks.

Good easy bright game. Love it. Its easy for the older folks such as I to play around with and not get aggravated and stuck on one board. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely awesome !!! A very cute game, not too hard and her challenging, the graphics and the music is on spot . I really like it. Thanks !! Wish there were note apps like this one .

It is very good and nice game but the problem is that there are too many adds although it is very nice and good to play.

I like the game play. I am enjoying the big amount of moves that are giving in each round.

I like the games of spring comes, is not easy but its not very hard that you can passed the levels..

The jelly’s would be awesome in brighter colors an with glitter popping out when they bust. I’ve just getting started,wish me luck.

This game is enjoyable and its awesome to play and the game is very easy and fast also

enjoying playing it a great game

Fun little game I enjoy it allot while I’m att work thank you developer

Good game

Like it, easy to play

Fun and relaxing game.

I really like this game

5 star game from a great team

Lovely game. I’m having a wonderful time playing. Nice graphics.

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