Jewel Pop – Enjoy new dimensions of magical gameplay

[Game] Jewel Pop – Treasure Island

Jewel Pop  Embark on the ultimate matching puzzle quest to find hidden gems on an unknown treasure island with your guide, Joy the sea otter.

Navigate sandy deserts & explore ocean depths while discovering sparkly jewel blocks, mysterious potions and fascinating items.

Enjoy new dimensions of magical gameplay as you match gems with same-colored potions & fill up the game board with water, enabling gems to float to the surface!

Are you ready to hunt for jewels & gems? Then it’s time to match & solve puzzles!

Match 2+ gems of the same color.
Collect gems to achieve your goal and beat each level!
Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in the fewest number of moves!
Earn gold stars and unlock exciting new levels!

Make powerful combos and boosters!
Complete missions, like collecting special tiles and jewels.
No WiFi needed! Enjoy the game offline!
Stunning graphics, animations & music!

Jewel Pop: Treasure Island is free to play, but in-app items are available for purchase.
Jewel Pop: Treasure Island is optimized for smartphones & tablets.
Jewel Pop: Treasure Island contains advertisements.



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The ultimate block match puzzle game!

Jewel Pop user reviews :

I really like this game. It is the best i have played. It has it’s challenging levels, but they haven’t been to hard to get through. I love the watch ad, get power up feature. I also like the watch ad get extra moves feature. All in all a most enjoyable match 3 game. My only wish is that it didn’t play the same ad over and over and over. Good job to the developers! Please there has to be more than one ad you can run. I am so sick of seeing the same ad time after time

This is a challenging, enjoyable game with beautiful graphics. Having to tolerate ads between nearly every scene, however, really detracts from the whole experience. I don’t mind ads every now and then, but the outrageous, constant interruptions are just way overboard for me.

Oh gosh, enough of this deceit. Every time you send a notification of an update of this game, were as is not true. If there is no update on this game just notify the entire world so i uninstall it. Am done with level one to three thousand since early 2021

There’s so many of these blast Games available. I wish they would try and do something different then using bombs arrows and colour changers they all look exactly the same and do the same thing. There’s nothing to encourage return play. They could at least raise the coin amount it’s not much fun collecting your daily prize of one coin. Although the little character is very cute he gets boring. Bitmango really needs to mix things up a little bit.

I love this game. The graphics are gorgeous. Game play is smooth and easy to understand, which matters no matter the type of game. The hardness level increases exponentially as it should and ads are present without being a hindrence. The only thing I would change would not be a change but instead an addition to. I would give the game a story line, a reason beyond getting a high score for each level, and make it so players could pick to play with or without the story line. Great work Dev’s!!

I love the competitive start to the game with the Melville. I can play online or off. It’s my go to game

I love the little otter,with his joyful leaps and engaging face. I’m really a fan of otters and he makes me smile. This is a fun game and its not slow like some games are. I only wish that there were coins to earn with each level that would make it easier when you need more moves..

This game am already addicted to it I have finished the game re- download it again and start all over again am in level 280 now second round

Fun, easy game with great graphics. A little confusing for me at times on the directions the rockets are going to go, but all in all, easy, fun and quick.

  • Hello, Nancy Harrison . Thank you for reaching out to us. We’re happy to hear you are enjoying our game! We will also pass on your comments to our developers directly, so that they may be used in our future updates. Hope to see you back in the game, soon! Best Regards,

Best game ever! Easy to play and understand. Very few adds. Lots of chances to play. And reach your goals. I really like this game. Levels are challenging. Keeps me playing all times Of the day!

  • Hi, Keesha. We thank you for your email and your interest in our game! Please feel free to make any inquiries regarding everything that comes up in your mind. Hope to see you back in the game, soon! Best Regards,

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