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Jewels Atlantis   Do you want to try out a fun Jewel 3 match game? or miss the chance to enjoy it.

Welcome to the JEWEL MATCH-3 Puzzle Adventure! Find the Legendary Atlantis Jewels solving puzzle along the way!

Are you finding some jewelry games? This game is the right choice!
It will give you new experience that other jewelry games can’t give

It is Simple and addictive like the other matching games or free jewelry games but has its own charm. So It’s going to be a good choice to play Jewels Atlantis than playing other jewelry games

The continent of Atlantis, sunk into the Atlantic Ocean with the wrath of God, rose to the surface from underwater after 1,000 years. Among the adventurers, who will be the one to occupy the legendary jewel from the deep sea? Give it a try and match the jewels! May you be the Jewel Master to win the legendary jewel!

It’s the most exciting game among those jewelry games!
Other jewelry games will not give you this exciting experience.

FREE & EASY to play match 3 puzzle Atlantis game, FUN to master!
Match 3 jewels to collect each gem or crush them in the fun puzzle adventure.
Match 4 jewel gems to get special power!
Match 5 jewel gems to win ultimate rainbow jewel item!
Match certain shape of jewel to make special jewel!
Build exciting Power-Up jewels & their explosive combinations to achieve higher score!
Make Combos, called cascades or chain reactions to get bonus score.
Use special Boosters to pass the challenging levels more easily.
Try to achieve 3 stars at all levels! It’s a very difficult feat!
Challenge tons of Achievements and accomplish them!
Leaderboards to check your friends & challengers. Check out your rank!
Play tons of fun & challenging daily quests and be the Jewel Master!
Earn a daily bonus in the gift box every day!
No need Lives! Challenge tricky levels all the way through! Each level has different fun factors!
No time limit! Play with all the time you’ve got!
Available for Android phones and tablets.
LANGUAGE SUPPORT: English, 한국어, 日本語, Português, Español, Français, Русский язык, Deutsch, Italiano, Basa Indonesia, ภาษาไทย, tiếng Việt, Bahasa Melayu, 简体中文, 繁體中文

We always welcome your feedback. Come and join the fun of atlantis jewel game!
All this feature make this game unique compare to the other jewelry games
Best among those jewelry games

This game contains advertising, including banner, interstitial and video ads.
This game sells in-app products such as golds or AD-FREE item.
This game requires some permissions to optimize the game and integrate some services to enhance your game experience.
Network access and view connections, Receive data from internet, Storage, Photos/Media/Files, Prevent sleeping, Vibration control, Etc.

Terms of Service:
The beautiful jewels of Atlantis Island:

Jewels Atlantis user reviews :

Surprisingly good! I’ve forgotten the # of M3’s of this type that I’ve played and either you have to go thru a bunch of ads just to get a couple of power ups, or my favorite, wait 3 hrs to get those pu’s. However this game, yeah you get the ads, but there’s no time limit on the pu’s or coins! If things change I will edit this. I just do something else for 30-35 seconds

A super fun jewel match game! The platform is compact and user-friendly. Excellent graphics and sounds! Not bombarded by too many ads as other match games do! It is difficult to put down! Thank you to all who developed this game

Took 3 attempts to download, froze whilst uploading, but worth it in the end,easy to play but not always easy to win. Good time waster while in the doctors queue.

Amazing puzzle game and addictive once you get started. I only wanted to play one level to see what the game was like and now I’m on level 243 with all 3 stars, but number of moves on some levels are VERY limited. You have to use your special powers to get all 3 stars!!! So it would be a good idea if you could pay some gold for EXTRA moves on harder levels. Which is why I rate it only THREE stars so far, because of LIMITED moves. All in all though, very challenging and exciting!!

I miss being able to form a boost by putting 4 gems in a square pattern that most of the other match 3 apps have… Also there should be more coins earned than 10 per level, y’all are being a bit stingy with ’em dontcha think? Over all i guess its ok, the ads dont do that endless loop like a lotta games so thats a BIG plus….

One of the best little games on the go. Graphics are great game is quick to play

I’ve only played a few levels so far. I like the game just fine. I don’t mind ads because I appreciate free games so much. What I don’t like are ads that hold you hostage. The ones that make you exit out of them 2- 3 times. I think that is so unnecessary and annoying. I would like to play your game but I’m afraid I’ll have to uninstall. I can’t take those ads. I do appreciate your hard work and know you have to have sponsors. Thank you.

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