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Jibi LandJibi land princess castle is pretend play dollhouse game.

With an open-ended style of play. Allowing you to open a world of imagination into the land of magic and fantasies. In this land you will find many surprises and many amazing characters such as little princess, pretty prince, dragon, unicorns, little fairy, and many other cute pets. That awaits you in this land. If you is dollhouse fan don’t miss.

This is first game in jibi land series in princess castle theme

Inside the princess’ castle, you’ll find lots of activities to do, whether it’s exploring the castle, solving puzzles, hunting treasure or dress up princess. Make up And go out on a date with the prince, then cook delicious food and drinks Then come to the party to the private pool Or enjoy with lots of cute pets including cats, dogs, horses and go in search of the little unicorn in mysterious land. All in all you can choose to play freely. There are no rules. Anything is possible in this land depending on your imagination.

How to play:
Our gameplay is like pretend play or a dollhouse. No rules to play. Our game is a independent space that allows children to fully unleash their imagination. Just choose a favorite character. Choose my princess And use your imagine to create your own story.

What will the story in this castle be like next?
You decide.

Game features:
9 fantastic scenes, with tons of secrets and treasure puzzles to surprise you in this castle.
Many cute characters such as little princess, handsome prince, king, queen, maid, chef, let you create your own story freely.
More than 100 animal characters for you to raise and take care of such as little unicorn, little fairy, mischievous cat, cute dog.
Many gorgeous princess dresses to give You dress up princess.
Dragon eggs and unicorn eggs waiting for you to find and hatch.
Some pets can grow such as horse, unicorn, dragon. Take care him and watch it grow.
More than 100 food and beverage menus for you to cook. Let’s cook delicious food for my princess.
A magic magnifying glass system that will help you find secret items and solve puzzle.
Sticker system for you to find and collect over 100 types.

Advice for parents:
This game is designed for children between the ages of 6-12, so they can be played by themselves or with friends. Children under 6 years of age should be accompanied by a parents.

We believe in the power of pretend play It will help develop children’s imagination and creativity. So we strive to develop independent space in format dollhouse that is a part for children to play and enjoy with their imagination. And we would appreciate it if parents can take the time to join this game with your child. Because that means our games can play a part in building a good relationship in the your family.

We hope you enjoy with this game.

Jibi Land user reviews :

The game is a wonderful it say that i have to buy everything for money for that reason i’m only giving 2 because of that i do not have enough money to buy all the packs but it’s ok but i just wish that everything was free

I think this is an amazing game and yes there are a few things that can be fixed but other then that great game ,I can totally see how much effort was done to make this game

The Gane is really cute but I have this weird problem where when I reopen the game it will reset charter outfits and pets hatched from eggs also the reset scean button doesn’t work

this game is fun; the aesthetic is pleasing, and i love the concept of collecting items. i’ve bought the best value pack due to it. despite that, it bothers me that each time you re-open the app, your progress deletes. your collector’s books remain, but you lose the gems you’ve mined, your fairies dissapear, your characters go back to their default looks, etc. it’d be beneficial to create an account system to save your progress, and you’d also be able to keep your purchases on other devices

I like this game a lot and I’m excited to see what else will be added, but I’m giving 3 stars because the game doesnt seem to save all of my changes…? It saves my sticker progress, but not what’s in my inventory, not what i dress the characters in, etc. I think this is by design and not a glitch, but that only makes it more confusing. Why is it like this?? Again i like this game, its overall very cute/charming. This detail is odd though & i hope it’s revised. Looking forward to updates!

I love this game! This was the perfect game I was looking for. There’s just two bugs you need to fix. No ads will pop up when I want to unlock a area for a certain amount of time. Also, when I find a animal and get out of the app, the animals aren’t there. If you fix these bugs I will 100% give this app 5 stars.

It’s a really awesome game but when ever I exit the game every egg I hached and more things I searched on Google still nothing please do something

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