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JiffyJiffy is a time tracking tool conceived, designed and developed by people who need to track time for people who need to track time.

Jiffy’s beauty is in its simplicity. We have designed every element of the application for use by real people who need to keep track of their time. You don’t need an account to use Jiffy so download it now and get a new perspective on time tracking, time management and time recording.

Whether you have one customer or many, a formal project, varied tasks or a repeated job, Jiffy is designed for you. Time tracking and summary views by client, project and day or week, Jiffy has all of these things and more.

At its core, Jiffy is a simple start/stop function. It’s like having a stopwatch on your smartphone or tablet for all the jobs that you need to track.

The intuitive interface also offers:
Easy set-up of new tasks, projects and clients, including colour-coding for improved navigation
A familiar calendar lookalike view of the time you have recorded
Retrospective entry and editing of time keeping records
Simple yet powerful reports with grouping by customer or project
Export function to extract data for use in other applications
Sophisticated dashboard providing an overview of the current week’s time tracking.

Jiffy’s simple interface and powerful functionality mean that you can use it for any type of time tracking – even for keeping a record of overtime at work or how long it takes to complete different household chores!

And because Jiffy is designed for use by humans, it even allows you to set start and end times manually if you forget to start the clock at the beginning of an appointment or phone call.

Jiffy on Android is built for Android, following the Android user interface guidelines. The clean, uncluttered screen designs do not overload you with functions and data. Jiffy is actively maintained and developed.

Jiffy is a Freemium app, fully usable and you only pay for the extras you need.

If you want to more about Jiffys permission usage, please see hzzp://jiffy.nu/permissions

Jiffy user reviews :

This is the bets looking and easiest to use time tracking tool for Android. I want to congratulate development/design team who worked on this app. It’s really interesting to see how they break some Android Design Guidelines, but in a good way! I recommend this app to anyone who want hassle free time tracking. One little issue: I know GPS location will be used for upcoming features, but I think it’s too aggressive. I wonder why coerce location is not enough? I’m not concerned about giving up my location, I’m more concerned about battery use.

I tried this app a couple minutes ago. It looks promising. I really like the landscape view. But there’s one bug, at least at my device, I need to keep touch and hold the capacitive menu-button on my device while selecting the sub menu, like “setting”. It’s not annoying but weird :D Ps: i believe you’ve misspelled my name :P

Simple, clear and intuitive ui.

Download Jiffy :


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