Junk Smasher – Clean the cache of your phone

[App] Junk Smasher – Phone Cleaner

Junk Smasher  Junk Smasher is a powerful app that can smash junk and clean the cache of your phone.

Junk Smasher is a cleaner and speed booster that optimizes your background apps, memory storage, junk files, making phones run like they’re brand new.

Key Features of Junk Smasher

🗑Junk Smash -Instantly smash junk and free up your phone memory

Cache Clean – Clean up useless application cache files

CPU Cooler – Minimize CPU temperature and enhance performance

App Manager – Analyze and manage the status of apps intelligently

Phone Booster – Optimize memory and speed up your phone

1 tap booster -This super fast phone cleaner helps create a 1 tap booster, which can help your phone run faster by simply a tap.


Junk Clean
Junk Cleaner helps to analyze all the log files, temporary files, history files, AD files, and useless apk files after installment. Then it will recommend you to clean those junk files to release more space of your mobile phone.

Cache Clean
Clean residual system cache files left by uninstalled apps to free up disk space for Android phones and tablets. This won’t affect any app running on your phone.

CPU Cooler
CPU Cooler can cool down your android phone CPU temperature with one tap, which will make your phone run as fast as if put on engine oil.

Phone Booster
Kill background apps to release running memory. Speed up your android phone and boost effectiveness.
Window cleaner to remove popups on phone window.

Download the app and go to boost your mobile phones now!

If you have any problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via email: innodev.hawk[at]gmail.com

Junk Smasher user reviews :

I have ever tried various similar ones, yet, this is the one I can give 5 stars. Why? It cleaned everything should be cleaned, not everything cleaned, so clean that even nothing left. Wow… I missed many things I should have kept. Poor me. This Junk Smasher cleans merely what should be cleaned. Thanks. Again and again, THANKS.

This App is awesome before my phone used to take 5 hr or something to get charged from 40% -70% but now it takes 1 hr to charge form 30%-95% and it worked on my new phone and then I tryed to use it on my old phone which is redmi 5 and it worked..note: I used this app on my android phones so I am not sure that if it works that good on Apple or any other company…hope this works for you…

There’s no other app being idiot like this one. It is causing a lot of problems to my phone,every time a notification to install. I’m tied of this rubbish app,please remove this for me. Now I can’t download the videos and musics because of this bin app I have never seen before. I’m actually disappointed by it. An app forcing me to install, after I install it it will bring other more apps to be installed again I don’t need this rubbish in my smart phone

A very useful App indeed. My phone had plenty of viruses and the memory was always full, but since I have downloaded Junk Smasher, my phone became lighter, operationally speaking of course, and smoother. So cheer up, Junk Smasher !

The app is nice but they’re some 2 or 3 things to ameliorate which are the ads which are always appearing on the screen and should do in a manner that when the phone temp is high or when there is too much junk file it should signal

Your services are excellent because eversince i got my phone for 3 years now, it has never failed me a day due to regular cleaning of junk files

This is very helpful to me in getting rid of my junk and throwing them in the trash ut also cools down my Android when its over heating etc. So its an awesome app i love it .

Very good at what it does Has too many ads, but that’s the price of free.

It is very easy to use and it gives a vpn connection that allows me to hide my connection and browsing. The cleaner is very good . Thanks for creating an enormous app.

It is the best during surprise low battery. It can restore battery power by tapping the energy stored in the redundant applications in the phone. Good work

Wonderful app. I like it. But it comes slowly please fix it. But I like this app

It actually optimize the performance of phone, not a bad app with no such adds, at least for now.

I am impressed with the effective and efficient functioning of this app. I recommend to those that appreciate excellent apps to reset their devices,

This application is really great it helps to sweep or rather clear all junks and all unwanted materials it’s awesome

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