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[Game] Kawaii Puzzle

Kawaii Puzzle  If you are looking for a fun, cute game to spend your time on, Kawaii Puzzle is definitely an adorable answer.

Your goal is to assemble all parts of many lovely rooms. We use various beautiful places to create happy moments. What’s better than training your mind and becoming an interior designer? Let’s explore it !!!


Attractive Gameplay & Colorful Rooms

Use your cute finger and move the eye-catching decor to the right place in a room.
Play offline and enjoy your colorful process anytime you relax without caring about the internet.
There is always a fun story behind the room. After finishing it, you maybe realize you have experienced that cute moment.
Various & attractive rooms are unlocked personally, uniquely and freely.

Diverse & Cute Decorations

Each of the decor types is unlocked after completing a unique chapter. There are various interiors furniture such as the Vintage Vibe, the Country House, the Classy Antique and et cetera.
Freely choose many color versions to show off your skillful crafting.
Have you ever thought of crafting a graceful stair from normal tea tables or combining rustic chairs to make a wonderful bridge and even using lightings to create a Night Sky. Nothing is impossible in Kawaii Puzzle. Get ready to explore your mind !!

Decorating Your World

Set up cool furniture and create a fantastic pocket world in your own ways like a beach, a wedding place or a tea party in a fairy forest.
A simulation world in your hands sounds as usual. But how about a HIVE world. Are you ready to fire your imagination ??

Happy Experiences & Cute Creations

Update new fun challenges and add more cute furniture weekly.
Create & increase friendship connection events.
Sweep away your boring time, bring positive energy to your life and stabilize your happiness hormone.”

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If you have any problem, please ask for support at:
Discord: discord.gg/GjwMKyP
Email: kawaiipuzzle[at]imba.co

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Kawaii Puzzle user reviews :

I love this game, it’s so fun and it’s cute. I’m slightly addicted lol the only thing I have any problems with is the difficulty sliding through the furniture to complete a puzzle. It’s really hard to slide instead of grab, would be much better in my humble opinion if there was arrows or something to go through them instead of sliding with your finger

Love it ! Only 2 issues: 1) If you pick to not watch the ad to get x3 gold at the end of a level, an ad still plays when you get back to home screen. Why give us the choice if it’s gonna happen anyway, unless we pay? Feels like be taken for a fool. 2)The hive cells to decorate are too tiny and it’s a shame they can’t connect. A big house like in kawaii home design would be better. We could still unlock more space with planks/gold. There’s a stairs item that can’t be placed bc lack of space.

Love this! So cute and fun to play. Not too complicated. It gives you a little bit of a challenge sometimes, but not too challenging! Definitely one of my favorite games on my phone right now. I open it up when I’m bored or want to multitask. It’s nice that they give you coins and gems by watching ads. But isn’t riddled with ads like other games are. Good on you developers!

I absolutely love this little gem of a game. I love the completely unique and open decorating style. I love how the puzzle levels are matching up furniture to the outline in the room and love how you can unlock all of the beautiful furniture and unlock a ton of rooms to openly decorate yourself. I don’t do a ton of reviews unless I really feel like the app is great and this one is.

I love the chapter puzzles I can go at own speed and put together the rooms. I wish there were more to do. I enjoy those the best. Not good at timed games. Starting to get boring no new ones.

I liked this game because the furnitures are so cute and it’s easy to play (^∇^)ノ♪ also we can decorate our own world, so I’ll give five stars anyway. However, sometimes there’s an ad that can’t be closed, so I closed the game and I reopen it, it ends up I have to replay it.

I really love this game !!! It so Colorful and cute . And it’s so simple and a fun game to play . I wish they added new chapter though. Overall i give it five stars .

This is one of my favorite mobile games. Its cute, fun and addictive! Its completely free to play with optional payments, but you can achieve the same things without paying. If you love decorating cute rooms this is the perfect game for you. Ive been playing it for months now! The only thing I would criticise is how difficult it is to get planks. I wish I could watch ads to get them, or even pay for them. Other than that, incredible game!

I love this app, barely any ads and since it’s a kids game, super easy not frustrating like most puzzle games. Very underrated!

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