Kids Astronomy – Start exploring the solar system

[App] Kids Astronomy by Star Walk 2

Kids Astronomy Don’t miss your fascinating journey through space!

Get Space for Kids Astronomy Game by Star Walk 2 and start exploring the solar system, planets and stars, constellations and any other interesting celestial body.

Solar system for kids offers a lot of great features:

PLAY astronomical game and LEARN about our solar system
LISTEN to interesting astronomy facts
VISIT planets and stars, comets and any other celestial body
WATCH funny educational movies about space
TEST your knowledge with short quizzes
WIN or improve your result

HAVE FUN and learn astronomy!

Wonderful astronomy app for kids includes:

Encyclopedia of the solar system
Constellations, planets and stars
Educational movies
Solar system for kids
Exciting astronomical game
Self-check tests
Hubble Space Telescope
And a lot of other interesting things from the world of astronomy

Let’s go!

Kids Astronomy user reviews :

It’s a good learning game for a 9 year old such as me but when you finish there’s nothing to do. So please ad mini games because it’s BORING! But for real ad mini games and I’ll put a 5 star.

  • We sincerely appreciate your suggestion, thank you!

My daughter loves this and it’s a wonderful app, but sometimes it is difficult to tap a certain item cause of them being 2 or more in number and one in top of the other. Also in the quizz part when they’re asked to compare and the objects are presented in the same size, it is difficult for my 4 yo to tell the difference which is bigger. If you could add some mini games to make learning interesting that would be great. Thank you

  • Thank you very much for the feedback.

Amazing app! I love how it has kids move their device to search the night sky for the planets, constellations, and satellites and it doesn’t let them skip around through lessons, they have to complete each one to move to the next. There is also a free play, real time map that they can just explore. I LOVE IT! My 4 year old is blown away! Sadly, she went through all of the lessons in one night. She can’t wait for more to come out! Please develop them soon!

This app is cute and a lot of fun. My 4 year old son really enjoys it, but I removed a star because it’s waaaaaaay too short. My son literally went through everything (planets, stars, comets, satilites, and quizes) in like 45 minutes. He’s just been replaying the videos and taking the quizzes over and over again because he likes them, but also because there’s nothing else to do. There has to be more they can add and talk about, right? Besides that, very cute and fun for my son. Shouldn’t have ads in a kids game, but .99 isn’t bad to pay to remove them. Please add more content.

Love it! We’ve been enjoying this app for about a year, my son is now 19 months. Even though we’ve unlocked everything my son still laugh’s at “Moo Moo’s” plight and enjoys clicking on all the stars and planets. The ads are not bad and worth it for the high quality video segments. We first used this app for sleep training to blast off to nap time and the routine stuck within 2 days. Perfect! Now, my son looks up at night to find the moon to say night night…I still get teary-eyed. Thank you!

This is kids, but I like it as an adult. Brush up on planets . Learning about planets in school in the late 20th century was boring for me. I wish I had this when I was a kid.

  • Thank you so much for such a lovely feedback!

My son loved this app. He doesn’t usually concentrate very well without being constantly encouraged by others but, with this, he gave his full attention from the start! So pleased! The only downside is how short the app is – he’s gone through the whole thing multiple times – so we’re hoping there will be an update with new information or even a new app that is similar soon! (temporarily uninstalling due to this)

Confusing for me let alone children but did learn some new facts, i.e. a black hole in cygnus, wow!. 1. The rocket opens a boring solar system animation. Show the system on the day and then give the option to go forward in time. 2. Cinema just shows adverts. Show a picture and the quiz commentary about chosen planet and then an advert. 3. What is the top right corner green flag for ?. 4. Show and explain ‘brightness chart’ for stars.

Really informative app. Very user friendly and also fun. The quizzes are good and you pass these to unlock the next part. Ads are a bit annoying but they are worth it for this free app. Well done. I’ll be definitely using this app again. Hopefully the makers have more apps like this on different subjects e.g. history, geography, oceans etc

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