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[Game] Killing Kiss – BL story

Killing Kiss

Kill him? or Kiss him!

Killing Kiss, the Boys’ Love genre interactive otome game with romantic simulations, is now open to play!

Make your choices and get your own Endings!

About the game

Killing Kiss is a visual-novel based romantic simulator game featuring attractive characters and captivating sound effects. Your choices are critical throughout the story when building intimacy with your favorite guy and ultimately surviving the dangerous situations with Mafias.

Story Keypoints

25-episode long main story for mature readers!
interactive chat stories with the four different love interests!
high-quality illustrations to portray the romantic mood in places such as the bedroom, party venue, and his place!


Grey City, sin city and hotbed of dangerous activity.
Ryu, a young pickpocket, stole something he shouldn’t have!

“What you took was our lifeline.”

Three men appeared before Ryu.
And they try to claim him in their own distinctive ways…
What’s more, Ryu’s secret childhood friend appears
and the story unfolds for the five boys.

Number One rule in Grey City,

“Survive. At all costs!”

Find out the shocking ending of a dangerous romance thriller
In a way you’ve never experienced before!

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Killing Kiss user reviews :

Beginning is incredibly annoying if you’re broke. As far as I can tell the only free way to gain gems is watching ads and you still have to wait longer and longer to even watch the ad. It wouldn’t be so annoying if the only choices that seem survivable much less gain affection with someone didn’t cost so many gems to even make. You can only freely make the obviously dumb choices. It sucks because it’s a really good premise and automatically draws you in. I don’t mind ads I do mind a pay wall.

Haven’t really played it much but I cannot connect to any of my accounts. I tried Google and Facebook but nothing seems to work. An extremely expensive game, even if you consider that ads are put everytime a story ends. Crazy how you start with 20 but the first time you can use them you need 25…. don’t get me started in the 100 one’s.

This is one of the first BL otome games I’ve actually seen and was good. Only 4 stars because of the amount of choices where you have to use diamonds and the fact that there’s a right and wrong answer to the choices. It should be different stories instead of right or wrong because that insists on the player spending money. Players shouldn’t have to be forced to spend to get the good ending. They should be giving games money by their own will.

So far this game is great except for one thing- how expensive curtain choices are. Gems are really hard to come buy, and when you do find them, they come in small portions. This is unhelpful beaucase the app charges like 50 gems for good options. It would be much appreciated if the game developers lessend the cost and made getting gems easier. Thanks for the consideration!

Overall i didnt like this game to get good options to complet the game you need coins and i couldnt get them. The art style and story were good but to play how i wanted i needed coins and I couldnt get them and i dont have the money to make up for it. I would have loved this game with a few tweeks but the game didnt have those tweeks. im sure other people love it but if you dont have money to spend its hard to play the game right.

I only downloaded the game today but already almost finished it because the story is so addicting and I’m bad at handling my finances lol (worth it) If you want to play more than one route, I definitely recommend buying one of those gem packages, cause then you can claim 5 gems every 10 minutes without having to watch an ad. The biggest flaw right now is that I can’t get puzzle pieces 23 & 24, no matter how often I try, is it a bug or will I receive them later during the story?

I really ended up loving this game. The art is beautiful and I absolutely adore Clark. I think the story is pretty good and consistent for the most part. However, I have to say that you most definitely will not get the full experience if you aren’t willing to spend a few bucks. I bought the 8.99 dollar option that came with ad removal, and was able to unlock every outfit, every ending, option and literally everything else. You just gotta be patient with the missions. Overall, it’s pretty great!

Everyting is great. Beautiful art, nice storyline. Its actually easy to collect the diamonds and other things with ad removal. Just collect all the puzzle pcs and u can get 800 diamonds for free. U can also get diamonds, gift, tickets, and hints from missions. Just buy the ad removal and everything will be easy peasy lemon squezy

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