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[Game] Kinder World – Wellbeing Plants

Kinder WorldKinder World is a cozy wellbeing game with a relaxing atmosphere.

It’s designed for quick stress release in just two minutes a session, with gentle evidence-based activities as you raise unique houseplants.

Reasons to love Kinder World
With a warm and welcoming community, Kinder World is a comforting journey that helps you build a daily wellbeing habit. This experience meets you where you are in the moment, judgment-free.

Discover the power of noticing and naming your emotions, even on hard days. The gentle gameplay and friendly cast of characters will help you create and decorate a personal space for self-reflection and resilience.

Enjoy short daily activities inspired by arts & crafts practices, gradually unlocking stories about Kinder World and our charming characters.

We understand that self-care and forming habits can be challenging, especially for neurodivergent, disabled, and chronically ill individuals. That’s why Kinder World is founded on a judgment-free ethos, supporting emotional wellness and mental health as non-linear, personal journeys without toxic positivity.

Kinder World Features

Emotional wellbeing exercises in bite-sized sessions
Acknowledge and accept emotions, manage stress & anxiety.
Practice self-reflection, build empathy and tailor your journey.
Emotional Naming: Fill a sand jar with daily moods & emotions, fostering self-empathy.
Daily Gratitude: Answer gratitude prompts to savor your experiences.
Pause & Breathe: Find inner calm using tactical breathing.

Grow unique houseplants
Encourage plant growth with self-care exercises.
Unlock new plants and unique creations as you develop healthy habits.
Plants never die, ensuring a stress-free environment.
Learn to understand your emotions and flourish alongside your virtual garden.

Creative self-expression
Create a personalized sand jar with arts & crafts-inspired activities.
Customize your digital home inspired by cozy games like Animal Crossing.
Design comfy spaces like a tranquil library, witch’s atelier, or inspirational crafts room.

Relaxing journeys with comforting creatures
Meet friendly NPCs such as Samy the Dog, Luna the Fox, Quilliam the Hedgehog, and Professor Fern.
These charming companions will support you with uplifting messages and letters.

A welcoming, kind community
Receive heartfelt messages from real community members.
Enjoy artist-designed plant pot gifts from fellow players.
Spread kindness by sending plant pots to random community members.

Research-based wellbeing activities
We collaborate with Wellbeing Researchers like Dr. Hannah Gunderman, ensuring our approach is informed by research.
Experience mindfulness and wellbeing research translated into effective activities for your wellbeing journey.

Join the Kinder World cultivators
Connect with us on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord!
Visit to learn more.

If this sounds like you, download the game now!
Anyone looking for stress release and relaxation
Wanting a self-care or wellbeing daily habit
Cozy game fans that wish for a quality mobile experience
Students or workers that need some comfort and soothing
Anyone looking for cute, Studio Ghibli style atmosphere
Parents that want to teach their children about emotions
Lofi music or ASMR lovers that want to unwind
Fans of lovely mascot animals like Rilakkuma or Gudetama
If you love pocket camp games like Animal Crossing

Kinder World user reviews :

Still trying to figure out all the components of the game. Not all of them are explained clearly – like how to get pathwords. But from what I have figured out I love! The occasional emotional check-ins for watering plants help and I love the letter writing system (although I am hoping they are moderated because I definitely can see it being used inappropriately). Definitely has potential.

  • Pathwords were from a previous event but we’ll have more events in future featuring them! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review it means a lot to our team!

This game is just… wow. The art style, the animation, the neverending relaxing music, and the calming sense of comfort that comes along when caring for your plants brings everything together into the ultimate mindful experience. This game is completely free, incredibly immersive, and has ZERO ads, making it a perfect, 10/10 recommendation for anyone who enjoys games that take your mind off everything around you, and bring you into your own little world, where you are finally in control.

  • Wow, thank you so much for your thoughtful and detailed review! Your support encourages our small team so much, and we look forward to adding future updates and look forward to your feedback!

Kinder World is exactly what I need in a wellness app. It’s not trying to change my world, or tell me everything is fine, it’s just a place where I can go to take stock, reset, and relax for a little while. It has been an ideal companion to the other mental health programs I am engaged in, and the lack of “addicting” game design is really refreshing. It’s honestly one of the only apps I’ve used that doesn’t feel like it’s working an angle, and I appreciate that.

  • That’s so wonderful to hear, thank you for this great feedback Damien! We hope you’ll enjoy our future updates.

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