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[Game] King of Defense 2 – Epic TD

King of Defense 2 The sequel to King of Defense: Battle Frontier is King of Defense 2: Epic Tower Defense.

New heroes, turrets, and invaders will debut in this sequel, which creates epic battles. The combination of turrets, which is the essential value of King of Defense, stays unchanged. In addition, heroes with excellent combat skills will aid in the defeat of the invaders.

The key to protecting the kingdom from aggressive monsters is strategy. Each must develop their own distinct and unique tactics to firmly defend the peaceful land.

Role-play as heroes in battles to gather power and awaken the potential within your heroes. Gather the necessary equipment, which includes spells, powers, techniques and tactics, to aid in preventing enemy attacks.

Go on adventures and explore the world of frozen lands, scorching deserts, land of the gods, and charming kingdoms hidden in the woods. All of those lands are waiting for you to arrive and defend them from the onslaught of ferocious monsters.
Let’s fight it out in King of Defense to become a legendary hero.

Stronger turret fusion with new turrets.
New heroes, who have been considerably enhanced and equipped with support items earned in battle to help them improve their skills.
Provide players with more game modes to choose from.
Many enemies with rich and unique abilities, as well as a wide range of attacks, pose a significant challenge to tower defense fans.
High-definition graphics and a lively soundtrack.

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King of Defense 2 user reviews :

My last review was kinda low standard and i was barely into the game. So the game is nice and the story is simple, i kinda love the creativity with the story since its not easy to make one for such a game. First problem i have as im far in the game is hero leveling up, the exp id okay but its the fact that you barely get the blue gems that you use to upgrade the heroes and thats a problem since once you hit lvl 8 on a hero it gets difficult so you guys should significantly raise the gem reward.

  • We’re evaluating the difficulty curve to make it more suitable for most players. Meanwhile, it’s totally possible to finish all of the game content without paying. Feel free to contact us via fanpage if you encounter problems during game play.

I think this game is money oriented, i dont spend any money for this game and just to pass level 20ish without any good character is just a waste of time. It seems interesting in the beginning but lack of adjustment for the difficulty If this is not gonna improve, going to uninstall soon

  • Hi, you don’t need to pay for anything if you don’t want to. There are many free items in game or you can wait for our sale. Also, join our community group for gift codes, events to get more rewards and follow useful tips from top players. Thank you so much for your support!

The game is epic until you get to level 23, to start a new world with a boss is ridiculous, I guess it’s just a way to have people( spend money). For that reason alone I’m done. Not everyone has that option (money) overall good game, challenging, awesome displays.

This is a good, not great game, yet. I think it has potential. First of all, lower the cost of, everything… Make it easier to obtain items, heroes, magic and so on. When you first start playing, you get a nice win streak going on then, you hit a brick wall. Unless you play already completed levels a hundred times over to rack up some crystals, gems, items and etc. Or, of course, you pay to play. Also, when I direct my hero to move, why does he run half way then go back?!

The game is unbalance. Monsters scales more than the character. I think you should focus more on one game which is already doing great than to create another with the same genre, etc.

  • Thank you for your review! If you have any suggestions on how we could improve and enhance your user experience, please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

Impossible to proceed after some stages unless u spend $$. Great game actually. Loved it till I could not move forward anymore. Did spend quite some real money to proceed but they made it impossible. IN the 2nd map they even destroy your towers and you don’t get gold to build towers, enemy soldiers are running like hell to defeat you and your heroes are trotting like a snail. LOL> Great game actually but .. enjoyed it till i could go ahead a bit. But lost constantly.

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