Kingdom Clash – Embark on a journey to a medieval realm

[Game] Kingdom Clash – Legions Battle

Kingdom ClashAre you ready to join the epic battles to fight for the freedom of your kingdom?

Embark on a journey to a medieval realm mired in cruel wars between kingdoms! Play Kingdom Clash epic war strategy game and win every battle!


In this army battle simulator strategy, you should deploy your soldiers units on the battle arena to fight the enemy’s army of medieval warriors and undead creatures. You need to merge, upgrade and place your warriors in the arena. Improve your tactic of war, make wise strategic decisions based on your battle legions’ capacity, enemies’ military forces and map conditions. The art of war is much harder than you think!


The ancient evil has awakened! It’s only you who can take down the mighty creatures and free your lands! Lead your army to dangerous lairs and don’t let your army fail in the battle war simulator game!


Collect, merge and upgrade your legion war heroes to win every medieval battle. Lancers, bombers, paladins, archers, and dozens of other troops are ready to fight for you, Commander! Unlock and level up all the warriors to build the strongest army in the world of the “Kingdom Clash”!


Gather legendary heroes in your mighty squad to combat enemies faster! Every character has their own unique skills and abilities that can lead your legion to victory!


Fight dangerous opponents ranging from armed warriors to bloodthirsty undead creatures! Hone your unique battle strategy to defeat each of them! Become the invincible guardian of your kingdom!


Install the legions battle simulator strategy and fight enemy armies in 3D battle arenas. Dry deserts, frozen lands, green forests & other well-designed battlegrounds are waiting for the epic battles to begin. More locations are coming soon!


Be prepared for both the siege and the defense of the fortress! Think through and apply different battle tactics depending on the conditions on the medieval battlefield!

You will definitely love “Kingdom Clash” tactical battle simulator war strategy if you are a fan of battle games and war simulator top strategy games!

Are you ready to become a strategic kingdom war army commander? Defend your lands and become a real champion of the realm in this great ancient battle simulator strategy game! Play Kingdom Clash battle sim strategy for free right now!



Kingdom Clash user reviews :

Fun in the beginning because it has great potential, then you realize it’s quite repetitive and gets boring. After a 10 second battle I continually have to watch a 30 second to 1 minute ad? I get you need ads to run these games but that long for 10 seconds of battle? The ads wouldn’t be a problem but the game is not sophisticated at all and lacks content. The battle structure is so basic and doesn’t require any input. I was going to spend money but not just to press 1 button.

  • Hi there. All ads in the game are completely optional and you don’t have to watch them. We’re sorry that you didn’t like the game. We will continue improving the game and hopefully you will give it one more chance

I really like this game it’s great I love the wast amount of heroes and characters you can get. But I think that you should add more mini games or maybe even an online mode, or a 2v2 game that would be really cool and another thing I find annoying is the countdown for the arena mode it’s really long and it’s the same with the other mini games you just get bored of the main mode after a while but it’s still a great game.

  • Hello and thank you kindly for your support and feedback, it’s much appreciated! More modes might be added to the game later, the closest we’ve ever got to a minigame was definitely a recently added Conquests mode — have you tried it?

Gameplay is repetitive, however there are multiple modes to play with, the leveling up ratio is balanced quite nicely. I would say that my Galaxy S9 get pretty hot during playing and there are no settings to change the graphic, maybe the devs could look into that..?

  • Hey there, thank you for playing our game. We are regularly tweaking and improving the optimization of the game with new patches, hopefully your opinion about the game will be only getting better.

Game is overall good I would say. I just have one problem, the reward icon for Glorious Dragon battle has always a pop up like a reward waiting to be redeemed but I don’t see anything clickable when I click it. That pop without anything redeemable is driving me nuts.

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