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[Game] Kings Raid

Kings Raid  Raid Battle the world has been waiting for!

Over 5 million players worldwide! Real-time 3D battle RPG!

About King’s Raid
Epic Raid Battles
Real-time Raid battle with max 9 heroes!
World Boss! Guild Raid! Challenge Raid! Defeat towering Bosses!

Thrilling Real-time PVP
Join the real-time online PvP battle and become No.1!
Skill activation is key to victory!
Combine countless Skills to reach for the top!

Beautiful 3D Heroes
Enjoy over 60 charming heroes and various costumes!
No more random character draw!
Recruit the hero of your choice!

Dynamic Skills
Glamorous skill effects for every single character!
Immersive graphic! Dynamic motion!
Dominate your enemies with a finishing blow!

Step by Step Growth System
Unlimited growth pattern!
Cherish and raise my favorite character!

Japanese Audio Added!
Enjoy the dream voice of King’s Raid star cast!

Official Facebook

Naver Cafe

Privacy Policy

Free app download
Partial in-game items need to be purchased.

Access Authority
Essential Access Authority
You need enough storage for ‘Program installation & data saving in your mobile’.
Mobile Status & ID Read
Necessary for ‘User account creation & confirmation’.

Access Authority Cancellation
OS 6.0 or higher: Settings > App Management > Select App > Authority > Cancel Access Authority
Lower than OS 6.0: Access Authority cannot be canceled manually. It can be canceled by deleting the app.

Kings Raid user reviews :

Ive played a lot of games. IE: RAID SL that makes you feel like you must spend. Not this game. Progression is good. Rewards are good and offers are not bad. Some games I say uninstall asap but in this game I would say if you can tip by buying even the smallest offer. Its fun and they are not greedy. Seems like I never get to give positive reviews. Thanks for a good, fun game. Also +1 for skins. Keep up the good work
  • Vespa Inc.
  • Hi Raider! This is King’s Raid Team and we’re grateful for this awesome review. Rest assured that we will always try our best to keep on improving so please look forward to our next updates and events. Thank you for your support and Happy Raiding!
This is one of the best games I have on my phone. The graphics are so beautiful and the characters are so unique. The story in this game is amazing, introducing new characters along the story and new worlds. Getting new characters is time consuming, but it’s like that because you get a really good character that you could level up. The arena is one of my favorite part, fighting against other people in the world with the characters you have and going up ranks. You should download this game!
  • Vespa Inc.
  • Hi, Raider, Thank you for the amazing review! We’re glad that you’re enjoying the game! If you have concerns about the game or suggestions feel free to contact our Customer Support team here: King’s Raid CS Team: We’ll be glad to hear it! Thank you for your support! Happy Raiding!

So far it’s still good. But the bad thing is.. in battle, we can’t control our characters to targeting an enemy or stay idle for a while. That’s important. You seems like try to copy Fate/Grand Order but failed at that factor. The ‘choose target’ feature. Even one of your hero is a copycat of Saber Altria Alter..

What surprised me the most about this game is this is not your generic 2d drawn game with only the legs and arms swaying back and forth to look like the character is “moving”. No no no, this has full blown 3D animated characters that have fluid motions and high quality animation. There is an actual art direction and its not the low poly pixel art you find in so many generic games. What I like about it and kept me playing is it has a fast paced action and lots of characters to choose from. I can see myself playing this game for a long time. My only criticism is there are a lot of loading screens, but thats understandable considering the graphics and its a mobile game.

Latest Update :

Unity 3D License Update Task
Operation for server stabilization

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