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KinnuHave you ever been curious about learning something but didn’t know where to start?

Have you ever thought that just surfing the internet was interesting but ‘not really learning’?
Have you ever wanted to build a consistent learning habit but find yourself too tired after work to engage your mind?

We did. That’s why we built Kinnu.

Kinnu is halfway between a game and an online course platform. It offers you a universe of world-class content distilled and organised into commitment-free ‘pathways’ that you can get lost in. Choose from an ever-growing range of pathways such as intermittent fasting, psychology, contemporary art, philosophy, history and medical breakthroughs. New content drops every week!

Instead of boring course syllabi, on Kinnu you will navigate a real-life knowledge map to explore ideas and topics which you learn in short, bite-sized sessions you can read or listen to, at home or on the go.

Underneath Kinnu’s beautiful interface is an intelligent learning engine that supercharges your memory and helps you build a daily habit with fun game elements. All you have to do is be curious, Kinnu does the rest.

Kinnu user reviews :

It’s pretty good. Very unique, however the audio reader seems to skip stuff sometimes. For example in “introduction to ai” 3rd page, it skips “Students can take a picture of a textbook page they don’t understand, and have it explained to them simply” also, I wish you could use the audio reader again when reading a second time. Lastly, if you do go subscription only based, it’d be cool if we could just watch 200 ads and get a week free or something, if not it’s fine.

  • Hi Jojo, thank you so much for your review. We actually do not have a subscription plan, or ads, so no worries. Help us solve your audio issue by emailing it to support[at]

I love this app! It’s a wonderful way to dip your toes into a wide variety of subjects. Many of my favorites are ones I never thought to look into until browsing the options in the app, such as Macroeconomics or World Religions. Everything is broken down into brief, articulate, bite-sized chunks with a nice system of reviews to help you remember what you’ve learned. Overall, one of the best apps I’ve downloaded thus far. I’m very much looking forward to the new topics they continue to add!

  • Hi Chase, we are delighted to hear that the app is inviting you to consider topics you have never thought to look at before. If you have ideas about what other topics we should cover, join us on Discord:

I’ve been experiencing long COVID for the past two years now and have a lot of trouble learning new things (which used to be natural). This app manages to get through that barrier while meaningfully and permanently teaching new concepts. I fully recommend this app for anyone who loves to learn but may not have the time or capability to meaningfully do so, which let’s face it, is most of us these days.

  • Hi Steven, We are glad we can help. Long COVID is awful and we are glad to hear you are recovering. If you would like to meet others who love learning and share some of your ideas about how to further improve our app and its content, join us on Discord:

I’m not very far into the app, only on my two day streak, actually; but I LOVE it!! There’s so many different topics to choose from, and as someone who took a few years to collect my life after high-school, I find this really helps me get a good idea of what im interested in, and helps me get started before i actually start! I can only expect great things to come. This is overall a great design, idea, and execution!!

  • Hi Alexa, thank you so much for your comment! We cannot wait to continue improving our design and learning engine to make your learning experience even better. If you have ideas about what else you would like to see, join us on Discord:

The app is wonderful with information relay and recollection, it makes it easier to review what you learned, and allows you to review what you learned today as well. I’d love for it to have an option where you could review the articles too, it makes it difficult to understand the reviewed material without remembering the context behind it.

  • Hi Foam, Thank you so much for your amazing note. For content you have seen at least once you can go into a hexagon tile, pull up the shelf, and access the content for re-reading. However, we are also thinking about new ways in which we can remind you of what you have read – join us on Discord to discuss:

The developers of this application are correct in their statement on how the brain responds to multiple pathway teaching. It’s incredible how much information you can pack into the human brain. I made sure to pick at least one category which I was unfamiliar with, but learning it was simple, with the techniques used in this app. I rarely give 5 star ratings, but I’ll throw in a thumbs up for this one. Bravo to all the staff of Kinnu. I personally thank you immensely. Sincerely, JC.

  • Hi John, Thank you so much for your thoughtful note. It means a lot to all of us. We do our best to guide our design by the latest findings in cognitive psychology – if you have any ideas how to make the app or its content better, join our Discord channel:

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