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[Game] Knightcore Kingdom

Knightcore Kingdom It is a unique strategy game that carries on the worldview and story of the first title, Knightcore, while offering elements of tactical pushing, tower defense, territory management, collectible heroes and army types, etc. Players are to act as Lords to lead Heroes and establish their own Legions in order to reclaim Camelot when the moon falls.

Battle Experience Combined RTS, RPG and SLG
A fast-paced strategy game that is designed to match the casual gameplay style on mobile phones with its 99-second battles. Players only need to assess Legion compositions and attack routes. Then, conquer maps using different heroes and army types to complete challenges. It isn’t time-consuming yet it is easy to play and requires skill. Whether it’s a defensive battle, flank attack, or base destruction and whatnot, players will feel that fast-paced, smooth, and stimulating gameplay.

New Sequel to the Original IP
After the Battle of the Lionheart, the moon in the sky falls apart, creating a number of space rifts called the “Time Caves” and causing monsters to swarm all over the lands. Players are to act as a Lord of Camelot and lead their Legions to reclaim the lost lands.

Featured Scenes After Reclaiming Camelot
This game shows Camelot’s worldview in its entirety. Each region is made with its own style and culture. Players are to rule and develop the lands after reclaiming them. Besides increasing resource outputs, training army types, and leveling up, restoring Camelot to how it was would also bring the players a sense of achievement.

Lead the Heroes and Fight Against the Demons
Besides the King Knights from the previous game, all leaders and public figures in all major cities will be able to join you with other Heroes, e.g. the strong great elder of Eden, Alfie the adorable and smart inventor, and the holy and loyal High Priest Alice. It is for the players to find out the best way to put together their own Legions since all Heroes in the previous story will be available and they have all kinds of different moves and Enigmas.

A Great Deal of Unique Army Types
Knightcore Kingdom has a diverse collection of army types, e.g. the Lancelot army type that goes by the traditional codes of chivalry, the mechanical soldiers from Gille that are known for their technologies, and even the magic-savvy soldiers from the secret forest outside of Eden along with the Lionheart soldiers. These battle units each have their own abilities that they are good at. It’s up to the players to learn about the different compositions and make the strongest Legion ever.

Knightcore Kingdom user reviews :

Fun! There was a Knightcore Kingdom who played for a while before, I liked this style very much at that time, and now I am very happy to see a sequel! And in addition to the Knightcore Kingdom, leaders or celebrities from major cities can also collect ~ more and more new characters are really exciting! The style is the same as before, and the character is cute, but it is much more refined than before! Especially in terms of skills, the special effects have become updated and gorgeous.

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Heroes that are most suitable for your team, whether they are heroes or arms, have different combat attributes. It will be easy to break many levels if you check the monster information of the level before starting. In addition to the battles and challenges of the main line, there are also a variety of leisure content. The chicken game and shooting range are very creative haha, not only a simple RPG game, but also to add fun. It also combines a lot of different elements of gameplay and challenge

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Best game ever made. Because there are a lot of things to do, I won’t get bored at all. I like the feeling of building my own main city. It also includes tower defense elements. I need to defend my position. There are also a variety of PVP and competitive competitions, which makes me feel More motivation to play this game ~ more fun than imagined! Compared with the fully automatic wash-free game, I still prefer to play this kind of game that combines strategy and construction.

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I enjoy it. The art of the game is so cute. Each character is beautiful and handsome. The plot is also simple and easy to understand. It is exciting to play. The game is a bit of a combination of construction and RPG. The fight is a classic RTS combat game. If you find it troublesome, there are also functions such as automatic deployment, battle painting acceleration, and so on. In addition, heroes have talent star ring configurations, and choose different talent configurations

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