Knightcore – Create the most formidable Legion to rule Camelot

[Game] Knightcore – Sword of Kingdom


Action Packed Real Time Strategy RPG

Bored of all the slow turn-based SRPG Games?

Wait no further! Dive into the world of Knightcore: Sword of Kingdom a unique tower offense game where Real-Time Strategy (RTS) meets RPG. Where you get to decide in real time the tides of the battle. Carrying on the immersive world and storyline from the Manga, Knightcore, this game combines elements of strategy, real time tower offense, a unique set of collectible heroes, and various armies to take to battle. Players take on the role of Lords, leading Heroes, and forming their own Legions to reclaim the glory of Camelot.

Battle RTS and RPG with deep game experience
Players will need to assess their Legions compositions and attack routes, then conquer maps using different heroes and army types to complete reclaim lands from the daemons. Designed to be easy to start, explore Knightcore’s deep game experience where users will discover unique strategies that vary from different challenges.

Intricate Guild Wars
Bored of brainless guild wars that has no thought put into it? Look no further! We uniquely designed the Guild Wars to embue elements of Strategy, where you get to take your guild to fight it off with everyone else in an epic battle to bring pride and rise as Kings of Camelot, triumphing over others.

Cataclysmic World Bosses
Put aside your banners and join up with the whole of Camelot to Protect it from global threats against unique world bosses to win numerous resources to further build your Army.

Rich and Unique Army Types
Boasting a diverse array of army types, from Lancelots’ famed chilvarous cavaliers and Lionhearts’ brave Soldiers, to the mechanical soldiers of Gille, and the magic-savvy soldiers deep within the secret forest of Eden. Each unit possesses its own specialized abilities where you get to explore various compositions and create the most formidable Legion to rule Camelot.

Rich Graphics and Visual Effects
Showcasing the complete worldview of Camelot, each region has been uniquely designed to have its own distinctive style and culture. Players will govern and develop their lands that they have reclaimed. In addition to increasing resource outputs, training various army types, and leveling up, restoring Camelot to its former glory will be your responsibility.

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Knightcore user reviews :

The art and character designs are okay. Can’t really get into the story since it moves fast. There’s not much going for the game. Cost equivalents would be event rate up at $99 usd for a 10x. Or you can just focus on maxing out base chars in the base summon. Characters are split between banners. There’s at least 5 different passes. Sales. Everywhere. It’s a good reminder that it’s a game second and a product first.

So far is fun character, desighn is nice. The music is neat. Gameplay is entertaining and dynamic with pretty graphics and animations. The story is there so far im into it. Now performance is slow. Every menu press is 3 seconds, and this is a heavy menu game, so seconds turn to Minutes and are annoying . Also, the 3 stupid economies for gatcha is ridiculous. i see so much potential here. Again, game is fun, but the technical problems and economy really hurt the experience. Hope they fix it soon.

First reason: Network Error. I checked my network, it is fully functional. I tried to connect over data, yet I still received a network error. I’ve been trying to connect for over half an hour. Second reason: I have played this exact game before under a different Knightcore title. Just from the tutorial, I feel like this game is almost identical to its predecessor. Sadly, it’s predecessor was removed from the app store not even half a year after it was released. I sincerely hope this one lasts.

  • We extend our deepest apologies for the connectivity troubles you face. Our team labors ceaselessly to optimize the game. To show our gratitude, we’ll grant everyone 500 Sapphires, allowing you to summon 10 heroes for free. For inquiries, contact us at Our support team is eager to aid you. Thank you!

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