Knights of Romance and Valor – Help him bear the weight of a heavy crown

[Game] Knights of Romance and Valor

Knights of Romance and ValorCaught between boring lectures and relentless bullies, a book on the legends of Camelot and its famous knights has been a welcome source of refuge. When an unknown force spirits you away to King Arthur’s court, that escape suddenly becomes a lot more real — if you can believe it!

Mistaken for a missing Princess Guinevere, you soon find yourself embroiled in courtly intrigues, as sinister forces seem intent on razing Camelot to the ground and stamping out every ideal the kingdom stands for. With three gallant men soon vying for your attention, there’s only one thing for certain — whether it’s combat or courtship, you’re not about to be some damsel in distress!


Arthur — The Young and Valiant King

Bearing the weight of ancient prophecy on his shoulders, Arthur is resolved to do what it takes to unite the lands in peace, no matter the cost to himself. Mistaking you for his betrothed, this man of humble origins nevertheless swears not to go through with marriage unless you kindle the flames of true romance. Will you help him bear the weight of a heavy crown?

Lancelot — The King’s Right Hand Man

Foremost among the Knights of the Round Table, and sworn to uphold the virtues of his order, Lancelot is nevertheless driven by personal connections above all else. Whether as a longtime friend of Arthur, or mentor to a younger knight, like Mordred, he isn’t one to stand on ceremony or insist on using proper titles. Will you school him in the virtues of courtly love?

Mordred — The Latest to be Knighted

Still aspiring to knighthood when you first cross paths with him, Mordred is young and driven by deep passions, though sometimes lacking when it comes to confidence. With a head for tactics and a desire to explore new avenues, living up to the lofty standards he sets for himself may be his greatest challenge. Will you be able to encourage him to be all he can be?

Knights of Romance and Valor user reviews :

This game is absolutely amazing!  *Spoiler Alert* However I do wish Merlin wasn’t given this role. After watching the TV Show ‘Merlin’, this kinda broke my heart. I really wish we had a young and dashing Merlin as one of the choices. Not as a villain! That was quite the suprise, but not a good one. This is heartbreaking, but other than that it was amazing. Very well written. Doesn’t feel rushed or shallow at all (like some of your other recent games). The dialogues are Beautiful. Loved it!

I can’t get over this one it’s sad that it had to end but I think that this one definitely deserves a 100000000 star rating even more if possible. I absolutely loved this story it’s my top top top top top favourite that you’ve done so far . It made me feel as though I was really in the story there were even times were I go so lost in the story I forgot I even existed now lol . Great job

Genius inc is my favorite games I have ever installed. They have interesting stories, beautiful graphics and music. As always they are not long but done well. The ending in this one did feel flat to me, but I won’t say more it to not spoil it.

Deff a good recommendation for ppl who like historical and romance genre specially for ppl who likes strong FL, the story was unique and unlike the others, FL proved herself worthy of the love and recognition of the characters, she thinks realistically and wish to be back on her own timeline.

So warm and heart felt, the grafics are splended as well only flaw is the price it just seams a bit high to complete a whole story line.

It’s a really good game and I loved playing it. I loved all the three leads they were so cute but I fell for Arthur I really hope everyone tries this game.

I have a problem with your apps all of them are stuck at the loading page for days and after that they start working again and then they stop working for days! my connection is perfectly fine my phone is fine I don’t know why this keeps happening and I also deleted the apps several times so please help

I have always loved the history behind the aurthrian stories they tell lessons of the virtues and love this story needs a second season possibly set when they travel forward in time instead of back all of the knights and arthur

Good game, cool graphics and intersting story line however ends abruptly. I chose Arthur over others as all girl believe in her own fairy tale moments.

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