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[Game] Kurukshetra Ascension

Kurukshetra AscensionWinner of Google Play Store Best Indie Game 2023!

The world is on the brink of eternal darkness. YOU ARE THE LAST HOPE.

Dive into a thrilling strategy card game inspired by millennia old lore. Join epic battles and explore a captivating universe as legendary heroes reborn in the Age of Darkness, Kalyug.

Take on the role of Demigods. Command mighty melee and ranged units, unleash a variety of spells, and wield weapons inspired by ancient tales. Every card is meticulously crafted to reflect the rich lore tied to it.

Explore a growing selection of heroes and cards. Unlock unlimited possibilities to update your decks and devise innovative strategies.

Dive into our PVE story campaign, exploring a universe filled with unique factions, creatures and forces that transcend time. Relive epic events, strategically using your cards to outwit Demons, Warriors, and Cosmic Beasts. Explore realms, make impactful choices, and face epic bosses in your quest for Dharma.

India’s land has witnessed battles between the greatest warriors to have walked the face of the earth. Arjuna’s battle with his unknown older brother Karna changed the course of the Kurukshetra war, while Bheem’s melee battle with Duryodhana ended the war and established the triumph of good over evil. These battles shaped the history of the land and even rewrote the tenets of Dharma. Recreate those epic moments on Kurukshetra: Ascension.

Explore unique game features, mastering both Melee and Ranged Rows. Seize Free Kill opportunities to enhance your battlefield presence. Kurukshetra: Ascension’s PvP draws inspiration from ancient wars, where nightfall introduces unique dynamics for strategic turn-based combat.

Discover an epic world with Kurukshetra: Ascension and become the ultimate ancient Yoddha!

We are an Indian indie studio who have made it our mission to bring Indian content to games in a unique way. Kurukshetra: Ascension is the beginning of that journey. We would love to hear from you on our discord server. Please drop in and give your feedback to become a part of the next step for Kurukshetra: Ascension.

Support: hello[at]studiosirah.com
Website:  www.playkurukshetra.com/

Kurukshetra Ascension user reviews :

Great game! I have an issue: After the 2nd tutorial level, the 3rd level appeared with a new story dialogue. However, the level repeated the 2nd level gameplay. After beating that for a second time, I was able to play the 3rd level. But when it unlocked the 4th level, it repeated the 3rd levels gameplay. I closed the game, force stopped it in settings and opened it up. Now when I get to the level selection screen, it has a semi-transparent grey field over the screen and I can’t select anything.

  • Hi! We have already fixed this issue. In case you are still facing the same, please reach out to us at hello@studiosirah.com and we will resolve the issue promptly.

Great game, great potential, lots of problems. The actual card game and the mechanics are very well done. Characters and cards are well thought out and diverse. But. Matchmaking is terrible. Newbies will continually lose until they get better cards. LOTS of menu bugs – clicking on various menus at the store or karma (season pass) sometimes does nothing at all. There is pay to pay pve or ptw pvp. That’s it. This game is both fun and disappointing. Give it a try though.

  • Hi! Please share the details of the issues you have faced to hello[at]studiosirah.com. We will check it and solve it as soon as possible.

This game is worth spending your time in the long run. Strategic play, amazing graphics, and well established storyline is just too good. However, some cards and hero abilities need to be re adjusted. Like sugriva calling on rama. This card is just 1 soma but it can end the game before the build up. Moreover, hero ability to incres +1 dmg for shurpanakha’s for 2 soma needs a little adjusting. Apart from very few adjustments, I have to say that the idea to create such an amzing game is brilliant

I really, really, really do love the game but i really dont like the fact that you have to pay alot to unlock the story mode. You just killing the game right there you know if it was $1-$2 no problem but $5 and more, come on, i really do hope the developers make a chage or at least put missons to unlock the story modes. Also why is there no way to upgrade your cards or heros on the basis an not just while in a match.

  • Hi! The decision to make certain parts paid was made to ensure the sustainability of our game and to keep the PvP free for all players. However, we understand your frustration and will pass on your feedback to the relevant team.

I do like the game, the game still have some bugs in it like ” if u click on button hold to skip” it doesn’t skip that part n sometimes game do hang, not much though. I do love the fact that somebody come wid a gud idea of game which represents our culture too. Bt the purchase for story mode felt injustice to me, bt i did cause I wanna play n explore it more

  • Hi! The decision to make certain parts paid was made to ensure the sustainability of our game and to keep the PvP free for all players. However, we will pass on your feedback to the relevant team. In regards to the skip button, please write to us at hello[at]studiosirah.com with your account details and our team will investigate it right away.

It’s a great game but I think it would be better to add a training simulation option to test out new cards and getting used to new decks. It would also be helpful if there is a better way to gold coins then to simply depend on microtransactions. It is a lot to ask I know but it would be better if there is something like a open world side quest type of thing where you could have daily quest to bate against NPCs and earn small amount of coins per day.

  • Hi! We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

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