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[Game] Lazy Cat Dream Match

Lazy Cat Dream Match  Did you ever wonder what’s going on in the head of a lazy cat that sleeps all day?

My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match is a completely free match 3 game that takes place in the dreamland of one of these furry friends! Enjoy relaxing healing time by solving matching games and watching your cute cat snore in his sleep!

Harry is a cute, chubby, and furry little cat who spends most of his day asleep and dreaming. When he sleeps, he dreams up the best match 3 puzzle games to enjoy! Over 1,000 brain tingling puzzles full of exciting combos and fun challenges! Why don’t you sit back, get comfy, and join Harry on the happy journey into his cozy puzzle dreamland?

Game Features:

One combo, two explosions!
Everything’s more powerful in a dream, and My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match gives you the most powerful boosters of all! Swap, match, and blast four or more blocks to make a booster. As soon as you make it, it’ll go off and explode in an exciting combo, just like other free match 3 games. But in Dream Match, that’s not the end! You can use the booster one more time, thinking of your puzzle strategy!
Get rid of your stress by enjoying a new explosion every minute!

Full of levels, full of fun!
Your furry cat friend Harry has dreamt up more than 1,000 levels of tapping and matching fun! Dream Match follows the same basic match 3 logic that you know and love: Match 3 or more blocks to blast them from the playing field and earn points. The less moves you need to win, the closer you’ll be to the high score!
My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match had plenty of relaxing casual puzzle games fun for kids and the entire family!

Full of rewards, full of joy!
The more levels you complete and the more you match your way through Harry’s cozy dreamland, the more rewards you’ll unlock! Other matching games might be greedy with the free rewards, but My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match isn’t! Any reward that Harry can dream up, he’ll give to you, so don’t miss the free gifts he prepared for you!

Full of challenges, full of successes!
Did you ever get tired of playing other matching games because you got stuck on one super difficult level? Don’t worry! If a level is too difficult or challenging for you, we’ll help you clear it more easily! Because after all, match 3 puzzle games are supposed to be comfy and fun games for kids and make the whole family happy.
Whether you are a puzzle games master or new to match 3 games, My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match has lots of fun challenges and happy puzzle moments for you!

My Lazy Cat’s Dream Match is the happy, cozy, and cute relaxing match 3 puzzle game you’ve been looking for!
Enjoy exciting explosions, furry friends, and casual puzzle fun by jumping into the cute and relaxing dreamland of lazy Harry and discover a world of puzzles that defies your imagination!

Lazy Cat Dream Match user reviews :

This is a very cute game for younger children. It’s very cute and the characters are enjoyable but very basic and extremely easy. Possibly the levels get difficult as you advance but I felt myself falling asleep. Sorry. It definitely is a completely free game and I do think is great if this is what someone is looking for. It’s just not for me.

Love, Love, Love “Lazy Cat Dreams” match 3 game. Graphics are awesome, bonuses are great, it’s easy and complicated at the same time. It’s one of my top 5 favorite match 3 games ever. Plus ads are not bothersome. Definitely 5 star’s and  Keep making them, and I’ll keep playing them!

Great game, reminds me of Garfield. Nice graphics and cool gameplay. The only suggestion i’d make is, too make it so we have more moves per level, there’s just not enough moves per level atm

I love the cat theme of the game! Especially when the cats fly out of the cardboard boxes when you make matches near them. Overall very enjoyable and entertaining as well. I can’t wait to come back and play everyday.
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  • Thank you very much for your feedback! It does our heart well to hear from you! We will make sure to improve the game so our users will enjoy it more!

Very relaxing and very creative. Great job cookaps. Looking for more levels and gAmes.

Love the game, I have 8 cats and this is another to add to my collection

Fun game, I like all of the different challenges

I really like this game and wish to continue to play however I don’t like playing games with ads so will remove game. If you put an option in that lets me pay a small fee to remove all ads for good I will pay that fee and play this game daily purchasing coins and other boosters regularly. I will also re review giving cook apps 5 stars. Thank you Michael Haworth
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  • Thank you for your honest feedback and we’re sorry for not delivering a satisfactory experience. We’ll take note of your concerns for any future updates.
I would rate your game higher, but you need to increase rewards for levels when won. Need to up moves on levels that r difficult. I’ve played levels that can take 45-50 moves unless u get lucky which doesn’t happen often & u only have 29 moves, when you finally do when u only get 2 stars after playing 15 or more times. I don’t think that’s fair, you should automatically get the 3 stars. Does it cost u guys anything to make a game less frustrating for people who want to enjoy & relax.
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  • Thank you for your honest feedback and we’re sorry for not delivering a satisfactory experience. We’ll take note of your concerns for any future updates.

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