Lean Launcher – Extra shortcut option to edit or uninstall apps

[App] Lean Launcher

Lean LauncherLean Launcher : An open source lightweight, customizable launcher similar to the Pixel Launcher.

The source code can be found at the following Github repository: github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher


Notification dots
on supported devices
App shortcuts
static shortcuts from android 6.0
dynamic shortcuts on support devices
extra shortcut option to edit or uninstall apps
Dynamic icons on supported devices
for Google Calendar
for Google Clock
Quick actions
swipe down for notifications with one finger
swipe down for quick settings with two finger
At A Glance
with a companion app
Google Now
only for debug builds for now
Search UI
hide bottom search bar
change search provider
colored G icon
hide app search bar
hide app suggestions
Look & Feel
force light or dark theme, or just based on your wallpaper
change Hotseat background
change grid sizes
change Hotseat icon count
change icon sizes
Edit apps
hide apps from your drawer
change icon shapes
allow home screen rotation
disable spring animation
toggle navigation bar transparency
lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes
double tap to lock

Lean Launcher user reviews :

Superb launcher, small, very effective and lots of tweaks can be made whilst other launchers deem these basic tweaks not important enough to include in their launchers, I beg to differ. Keep up the great work. It does sometimes forget to bring up the contextual menu in the app drawer and have to restart the launcher but can cope with this. I would also like more updates but I suppose why fix something if it isn’t broken!

Having used this for a few months now, I can say that it has been great overall. I’m an Android purist and this has given me the closest to stock Google experience that I’ve found. Super simple and clean interface all while allowing for plenty of customization. It has had moments where it has lagged a bit, but they were very minor and very few and far between. All and all, it has replaced my stock Moto Z3 launcher and I don’t see myself going back any time soon.

Very lightweight and smooth launcher. I just miss the option to disable At a Glance and the using the search bar with other search engine is a but pointless since it just opens the browser once you click on it, doesn’t wait for input. Otherwise would be 5 star…

Finally! It’s on play store. Really happy to see this app right here. Congratulations!

A amazing pixel launcher with a lot of customisation but i just want the integration of google now feed and at a glance however a great work from the developer its very smooth and i have not encounter any bug in the launcher just integrate at a glance in this app

Last Update October 9, 2018 :

1.1.9: for the full change log, please visit github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher/releases/tag/lean-1.1.9

Removed Feed and native At A Glance related options from the release version. Please see the GitHub release for the reasoning behind this decision.

Contact developer :


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