Legend Magician – Go on an exciting adventure with Leah

[Game] Legend Magician – Idle RPG

Legend MagicianCool sheep hunting pleasure!

Drive the enemies and try to hit it with your magic skills!
Beat the sweltering summer with cool sheep hunting!

Use the elements to attack the weak points of the boss!
Use the elements of fire, ice, wind and lightning to attack the enemy’s weak points!
If you attack the weak points, you will do more damage!

Idle RPG that anyone can easily grow by storm!
A storm-growing idle RPG that anyone of any age can easily enjoy!
Go on an exciting adventure with Leah!

Challenge the bosses of various patterns!
Go away from the boring boss!
Defeat the enemy by attacking the pattern!

PVP, dungeons, etc. Have fun without a break!
A variety of growth factors, as well as endless fun content!

Legend Magician user reviews :

I had a power surge due to a storm. Wi-Fi cut out for less than 2 minutes. When the game reconnected it asked if I wanted to start a new game or use the cloud save data which had last been backed up over an hour previously. Not only did I lose a good deal of progress, but I lost several pieces of gear that are much higher tier than I currently have. I tried rerolling but didn’t get anything even near what I lost and spent way more on the rerolls than I spent on the initial rolls as well.

  • Greetings. Player! We are sorry that we couldn’t provide satisfactory experience. Tell us what you felt uncomfortable. We’ll fix and improve it. We hope you to share the joy with our game in the future.

Game looks like it might be fun….now if only it let me get past the title screen to find out then I might give it an actual rating.

  • Hi Thomas, apologies for the trouble. Please make sure that you have a stable connection and clear the background applications. In case these steps didn’t work, please free to contact our Support team and they’ll be glad to assist you regarding this matter. Thank you.

Just freezes the phone at the very begining.

  • Hello, First of all, we are very sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced while using the game. Sorry to trouble you for detailed confirmation, but please send an image of the problem you are experiencing. E-mail address: care[at]dreamplaygames.co.kr If you send us an e-mail, we will check and solve the problem quickly. thank you

The game is great have potential keep up the good work.

  • Hello Kendrick Jastiva! Thank you for your kind words. If you need any further help, feel free to contact us anytime on E-mail: care[at]dreamplaygames.co.kr

First off the game looks like it has great ideas for later uses but if not shown ACTUAL game play then i think not many people would play it and yes im serious try having someone play the game and add them into the game as a secret easter egg like say this “This person looks like a different dimension and has traveled to our world find a way to send them back to their world by finding dimensional shards around the map” like that and trust me people will jump for that type of game play like that

  • Greetings. Player! Thank you for enjoying our game and your precious review! We really appreciate your advice. We will strive to create a better game for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

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