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[Game] Legendary Adventure

Legendary AdventureEmbark on an epic adventure through procedurally generated dungeons filled with danger and treasure in this immersive rogue-like role-playing game for Android. Some key features of the game include:

1. Procedurally Generated Dungeons: Every playthrough offers a unique experience as the dungeons are dynamically crafted, ensuring no two runs are the same.

2. Challenging Gameplay: Prepare to test your skills and strategic thinking in intense turn-based combat against a variety of enemies with their own unique abilities and tactics.

3. Character Progression: Unlock new abilities, skills, and equipment as you level up and customize your character according to your preferred playstyle. Create a formidable hero tailored to your strategic preferences.

4. Loot and Treasure: Discover powerful weapons, armor, and magical artifacts along your journey. Each item you find can significantly impact your chances of survival and success.

5. Choices and Consequences: Your decisions matter. Face difficult moral choices, engage in dynamic events, and shape your hero’s story through branching narratives.

6. Replayability: With the ever-changing dungeons, multiple character classes to choose from, and various difficulty levels, the game offers high replay value, ensuring you never run out of captivating adventures.

Prepare to venture into the unknown, face lethal challenges, and reap the rewards that await in this thrilling rogue-like role-playing game. Sharpen your skills, unravel mysteries, and become a legendary hero in this immersive and addictive RPG experience.

Legendary Adventure user reviews :

This game is easy, and fun very chill and the graphics remind me of Adventure Time! My only problems are: 1: I don’t like that there is no equipment lock button to stop you from selling gear that you don’t want to lose when you recycle. 2: When you recycle gear you should get the same amount of resources back that you put into the piece you upgraded before its lost. Other than that? Solid game. Fix those 2 issues and it’s definitely 5* worthy.

Quality!!! I totally loved loved this game, the game I was looking for a long time, a game you can play previously completed stages with same reward, no energy means you can play how many hours you’ll like. Ads is optional, if you just want to double your rewards, which is in a good way, and the best of it, it is a free to play, you can win without frustration. I hope that you’ll keep these features for future updates. I wanna see this game still running after few years.

  • Hi Angelo! We are really glad that you liked our game :) We are pleased to read your good reviews! Stay with us and have a good game!

Finally found something that’s not technical, farm related or downright dumb. The ads so far seem to be optional and you get rewarded for watching them. Not invasive (other devs need to take note!!) It’s a simple game, just mindless time killing. And you know what? That’s ok. I just wish the tutorial was a little more helpful and better detailed.

  • Hi Emily! Thank you for your detailed feedback! We are very glad that you liked our game! Our team will take your feedback into account when further developing the game. Stay with us and have a good game!

FOR THOSE WHO HATE REQUIRED IAP/AD RIDDLED GAMES: I’ve played for several hours and so far, all ads are optional, and I haven’t needed to spend money at all – for that reason I bought the $1.90 no ads starter kit. It’s quite fun, easy to play for a few minutes or as long as you want, and has charming 2D paper sprite graphics. Really enjoying it!

Heaps of fun! Love the Adventure Time themed art style and comedy to it. Great way to implement the use of ads as a choice to speed up grinding rewards, without actually stuffing ads right in your face. Awesome. I’m most definitely going to keep playing

  • Thanks for your feedback!

The advertisements (by choice only) sometimes gets in the way of the game, when you have to eventually close the game, since the advertisements have their own window. I’ll gladly click on some ads to try and tip the dev, and obviously for helping my game. One question now, can you actually attack diagonally without the Whirlwind attack. Also, If I get all the shards for a character that I have not unlocked, will I unlock that characters?

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