Legendary Tales 3 – Explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets

[Game] Legendary Tales 3

Legendary Tales 3Defeat the unknown illnesses, break the unseen spells, and meet new, unexpected friends!

“Legendary Tales: Stories” is an adventure game in the Hidden Objects genre, with plenty of mini-games and puzzles, unforgettable characters, and complicated quests.

This chapter will reveal behind-the-scenes stories from the Legendary Tales world.
Discover how an ordinary herbalist handled a deadly disease spreading across his village.
Learn how a young girl navigated a dangerous forest to deliver gifts to her ailing grandmother.
Follow a brave warrior in search of his friend’s children.
Discover how these events unfold while searching for Hidden Objects, unique Collectibles, and solving challenging puzzles!

Discover thrilling stories about familiar characters
Explore the magic world and its forgotten secrets
Gather fascinating collections and find dozens of morphing objects
Enjoy stunning locations and beautiful soundtracks
Solve dozens of puzzles and test your skills in exciting mini-games

Optimized for tablets and phones!

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Legendary Tales 3 user reviews :

Very happy with this game, thanks Five BN! Always catchy, never boring, and I really love the idea with the bonus chapters and bonus games. The story lines, puzzles difficulty, no adds unless u chose to watch, not beeing forced to pay for hints, all ++., reason I will gladly purchase extras. I have a big collection of your games (Lost Lands, Darkness and flame, The Legacy) and I’m always looking forward for your new ones. Keep up the great work

Totally love 5BN adventure games! Obsessed with Lost Lands series. However, I’ve found that in all of the Legendary Tales and the Darkness & Flames there’s not an option to buy the game straight out. I really hate having to purchase coins nor do I like that with the coin games there’s no strategy guide, no level of gameplay options, no map marks (not even collectibles & morphing objects) etc. As much as I love the games, it makes me not want to buy them or play them as much. Tears

Really, really good game… Up until the very last puzzle. Many of the puzzles in this one seem to be randomly generated, I guess to discourage people from using walkthroughs where possible. I’m pretty sure the version of the last puzzle generated for me is literally unsolvable. Very frustrating since I got to 99%, and now either have to pay or watch 10 ads in a row. Otherwise, another good one from this studio.

  • Good day. Unfortunately, as for ads, Google operates the transmittion of ads through our games. Here we cannot influence or control it anyhow. Please share some detail on this matter with us at support[at]fivebngames.com, if you experienced any glitch there.

This is what I love to see from Five Bn!!! Very happy with Legendary Tales 3. After the last monstrosity of a game “Lost Chronicles”, I’m happy to see this!! It also seems like you made the game a bit longer by diving it into chapters. I paid for the collectors edition, but the price was a bit outrageous. A person on a tighter budget wouldn’t be able to pay $20 for the collectors edition game. Great job on this game!! Please continue with these amazing story rich games we love so much!

By far, five-bn is THE BEST GAME creator in the point and click adventure puzzle game genre…. Puzzle complexity, graphics, music, storylines, you have got it all dialled up to the most optimum levels for the user. Just another brilliant addition to the already glowing feathers in your cap. Really enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the next one already.

I love these games…. I would have given it the full five stars but I have to say that some of the puzzles in this one were so confusing and difficult without enough instructions by chapter 5 I just quit where you had to cycle through the little chips with lines until all of the gems lit up it just stressed me out I don’t mind paying a little extra to get some hints every now and then but I don’t like being stressed out playing a game

My only complaint is that I’ve finished the game!!!! This is my favorite one of the series! I also love the fact that not only does it include a bonus game but it has THREE bonus games!!! Also, the mini games are unique, fun & not extremely challenging! I hope there’s another one in the works! Keep up the good work!

I have so been looking forward to another one of your games!! I hope there are future plans to create more game series like Lost Lands. I loved the chronical stories where there’s more than 1 story in a game, but they all connect at the end! Please keep creating!!! And I look forward to the next game!!

  • Thank you for your feedback! Such comments inspire us to be strong and create fantastic worlds and interesting stories for all our players! See you in our other games!

Very enjoyable! Thank you for making another one! I always pay for the game and play in casual mode. So much fun. Worth the money. Good puzi. A little challenging but not too hard. Fun story. Love that the characters speak and you can read text of their words. Really smooth interaction clicking on objects.

  • Thank you for your comment! Your feedback helps us levelling up our games for better! See you in our other games!

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