LEGO Hill Climb Adventures – Where will your adventure take you

[Game] LEGO Hill Climb Adventures

LEGO Hill Climb AdventuresSet off on a grand adventure as you brave the hills in LEGO® Hill Climb Adventures, a single-player exploration game where iconic LEGO worlds and Hill Climb Racing collide!

Select from a variety of Hill Climb Racing and LEGO vehicles and climb the classic Climb Canyon hills! Using the familiar, fun gameplay of Hill Climb Racing, this brand new game adds twists and extra depth to the beloved gameplay formula with the addition of exploration, adventures and stories for you to discover!

Where will your adventure take you?


Discover Fun Adventures and Amazing Stories
Meet unique LEGO Hill Climb Adventures characters who will have exciting storylines with a variety of missions for you to undertake and complete.

Vehicles and Gadgets
With a variety of vehicles for you to drive each with their own active and passive gadgets there’s a huge amount of potential combinations to help you on your adventure!

Upgrade and Improve
Collect coins and bricks scattered throughout the levels to permanently boost the power of your vehicles!

Hidden Paths and Secrets
Explore each level as they will have multiple paths for you to traverse, along with sneakily hidden secrets for you to discover!

Meet the Minifigures
LEGO Hill Climb Adventures brings a host of memorable characters from Climb Canyon allowing you to meet a variety of lovable, quirky characters!

Test your skills
Figure out the best way to complete the missions given to you by the Minifigure residents of the world by selecting your vehicle and equipped gadgets carefully. Some combinations might work better for certain missions!

If you have any issues please get in touch with our support team by emailing us at We greatly appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing!

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LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is free to download and play. Please note that there are in-app purchases using real money within the game to acquire virtual currency and unlock in-game items. Purchases can be restricted by enabling authentication within your Google Play settings. Authentication for real money purchases can be activated by following these steps.

On your device navigate to the Play Store Home > Settings > Authentication > Require authentication for purchases.

We strongly recommend that you ensure you have a strong password and keep the authentication on if children or others have access to your device.

LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, the Brick and the Knob configurations are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2024 The LEGO Group

© 2012-2024 Fingersoft Oy and Hill Climb Racing Oy. All Rights Reserved. Hill Climb Racing and Fingersoft are trademarks of Fingersoft Oy and Hill Climb Racing Oy.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures user reviews :

Just as I expected from the Hill Climb franchise, plus the story and side quests. Even if you ran out of milk, you can still explore the places and grind coins and blocks and collect collectibles, blueprints, and meet new characters. Too bad this is online only single player game, so I won’t be able to play it properly as I live in a place with poor network connection. Another thing that annoys me is that the game crashes between 30 mins – 1 hour or more, making me lose my recent progress.

  • We apologize for the game not being available offline, I will pass your feedback onto our team! We are also working on resolving the crashing issues.

This is a great mobile game. It’s so good, I find myself playing it instead of PC games occasionally. Pros- *It’s very visually clean. *There is a nice variation in unlockable cars and otherwise. *The pace at which new things unlock is great. *Monetization features are not very intrusive. *The gameplay itself is really well developed. *It’s Lego! Cons- *I somehow got the bus jammed stuck, vertically, at the opening of a pipe and another time a barn. I doubt that is supposed to be possible.

Primarily, made me want to play the original. But I loved the idea, so I really tried my best to like this one. But it was tough. The game kept telling me I’m disconnected, even though I never needed an online connection per say. The “low fuel” sound effect kept looping after it got prompted. Then it stacked three times. Then the UI disappeared, even though I could still play. Safe to say: it needs a lot more work. I expexted more customization and a pace, closer to the OG. Hope it gets updates.

I feel like this game is designed to be unsatisfying. The driving is frustrating and the physics are unintuitive, causing you to roll your car backwards when trying to go up hills and making it impossible to actually slow down without tumbling. Every level has hills that are just steep enough to drain all your fuel trying to climb them, and items are placed in impossible to reach places so you have to grind for tiny upgrades. Could be fun but they opted for shady cash grab tactics.

The gameplay is fun. A little grindy, but it’s generally not high pressure. The one exception is the daily tasks can feel as such, but that’s just my experience early on I think. It can also be frustrating when you finish a quest task and you don’t grab any collectibles you touch afterwards, I hope that gets added later.

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