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Live or Die Live or die: Zombie Apocalypse Survival Games is a post apocalypse game about survival with zombie and items.

The game combines elements of RPG, survival simulator, shooting games and action. Started last day on earth, days gone zombies apocalypse. Survive and explore the open world games, build and upgrade your shelter, build base defense, build a motorcycle, gather resourses, craft, complete zombies apocalypse quest, kill mutant and left to survive. Follow the rules of survie and try to survive in a post apocalypse shooter game.

Features Live or Die Zombie Survival Games:
more than 100 items
apocalypse survivor quests
exploration of bunkers
raids on other survivors

Rules of survival in Live or Die:

Gather resources with an ax, pickaxe or other tools

Resources close shelter, in a found chest or into the dead. Wood and stone are excellent materials for shelter, gather it. While you’ll explore the open world, you’ll also be able to find tools, weapons, and other vital resources.

Try hunting and grow food

Don’t starve to survive. Start hunting. Plant your own crops and grow healthy food.

Make survival craft tools, weapons and armor

Our survive game is unpredictable: the victim can always become a hunter. Create power weapons like AK-47, M4, SVD, Revolver, UZI, Glock, etc., and always be ready to survive!

Build and upgrade shelter

Pay attention to the condition of your home building, that helps surviving in an open world games with many zombies. Bring your shelter to a state of survival. The construction system in zombie game does not limit you.

Upgrade your survivor in our shooting game

Increase your survivability by finding, improving and survival craft armor and improve your state of survival. Resources can be found into the dead.

Zombie defense: defend shelter or base defense

You will have to develop and fight for your life even more desperately, because this is a survivor like dayz with role-playing elements from the third person. The survivors are now joined by zombies who want to attack your building. There’s nowhere to run, so get ready to shoot and protect your home!

Explore the open world

Features in our shooting games is the ability to create a motorcycle. Airplane crashes, military bases, bunkers, other survivors, abandoned shelters, mutants. After the last day on earth, there were a lot of lost things left behind. As you explore the open world, you can find resources, as well as improvements for your house and motorcycle.

Learn the history life after survie of the apocalypse

An unknown cataclysm turned the world into an endless desert dawn of zombies era. Days after the apocalypse the last of us are looking for shelters and other survivors to unite. The task of our zombie games is to find out the truth about what happened and how to save the world from zombies.

Follow all the rules of survival and maybe see life after the apocalypse…

We know how hard it is sometimes to find an opportunity to play offline. Play our offline without Wi-Fi and internet connection.

Coming soon in our adventure game:
Multiplayer with friends: free PvP
Large settlements to communicate with other players shooter games;
Clan bases: build a base with friends and attack other clans, left over from the last day on earth
The game will become multiplayer zombie games with PvE quests and you will be able to survive online
MMO raids on bosses and hunting mutants with a clan

We are waiting for you in an adventure Live or Die with zombies and shooting.

Live or Die: Zombie adventure Facebook:
If you have any technical problems, have complaints or suggestions to improve the game – send them to us at:
We will definitely read your letter and respond as soon as possible.

Live or Die user reviews :

Great game, awesome graphics!! I have one issue though. I’m level 12 and I’ve only gotten one gun, the resources at my base don’t respawn (e.g. berries, trees, sticks, and stones.) And could we have the ability to hack the bodies of deer for meat? Otherwise, everything else is just the bomb, I love this game.

I want to like this more but I have a few problems. First, item durability is way too low so you’ll spend all your time scrounging for resources to keep yourself armed and armored. Weapons break super fast, don’t bother spending money on the (too expensive) boxes. Second, there are some obvious bugs. I can’t fit all here, but the most frustrating is that I keep losing items from crafting stations. Not being raided, I just leave mats for 5 and come back to find 3-4 and remaining mats gone.

LOVE that i have the option to resurrect and find my stuff where i died !! Not spending as much money on drones as often :D this has been a faveorite of mine for many many many years !! I always come back to it and it never gets old. I love how challenging it is to build up to be able to travel to and get more valuable items as well

I really enjoy this game, even though I have spent so much time gathering that I’ve forgotten the story, but i love playing it! Up until now I’ve only had one small problem. I tend leave items crafting and forget about them. Sometimes when i go to pick them up, it won’t let me, but it tells me I have to remove them if i want to craft a different item. I have to craft one more of the same item in order to be able to collect them.

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