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LocusDiscover the joy of exploring the great outdoors with Locus Map, your ultimate navigation app designed for a seamless and enjoyable outdoor experience. Whether you’re hiking through serene trails, biking across rugged terrains, or embarking on any adventure under the sun, Locus Map is here to guide you every step of the way.

Begin Your Story with a Map:

Your adventure starts with the perfect map. Choose from an extensive selection of offline maps for anywhere in the world. From the lush trails for hiking and biking to the snow-covered paths for cross-country skiing, Locus Map has got you covered. Dive into the world of LoMaps with detailed points of interest, offline addresses, and a variety of map themes – hiking, biking, winter, or city. Begin your journey with 3 FREE map downloads and set the stage for your adventure.

Craft Your Perfect Route:

Plan and tailor your routes with precision, whether you’re tracing along marked trails or forging your own path in open terrain. Utilize our web or app-based planners to sketch out your adventure, ensuring every turn, ascent, and descent is captured. Import and export routes in multiple formats, making it easy to share your plans or bring others’ experiences to life on your journey.

Connect and Monitor:

Elevate your outdoor activities by connecting with BT/ANT+ sensors. Monitor your performance with detailed statistics like distance, speed, pace, and calories burned. Let Locus Map be your digital companion, tracking your progress and guiding you with turn-by-turn voice instructions or simple sound alerts. Stay on course with out-of-route alerts and off-trail guidance, ensuring you’re always headed in the right direction.

Record and Relive:

Capture every moment of your journey with track recording. Watch your adventure unfold on the map, complete with all the stats that matter to you. Create a personal database of your favorite spots and geotagged photos, making every outing a story worth telling.

Share Your Journey:

Bring your adventures to life by sharing your tracks with friends, family, or fellow explorers on platforms like Strava, Runkeeper, or Google Earth. Whether it’s a challenging hike, a scenic bike ride, or a collection of geocaching treasures, share the excitement and inspire others to explore.

Geocaching and Beyond:

For the treasure hunters at heart, Locus Map offers specialized geocaching tools. Download caches for offline play, navigate with precision, and manage your finds with ease. It’s geocaching made simple, fun, and rewarding.

Customize Your Experience:

Locus Map is as unique as your adventure. Customize the app to fit your needs, from the main menu to screen panels, control settings, and more. Switch between light and dark modes, select your preferred units and dashboard, and configure presets for a smooth, multifunctional app experience.

Unlock the Full Adventure with Premium:

Go beyond the basics with Locus Map Premium. Enjoy the full suite of offline maps, navigate without limits with the offline router, and sync your explorations across devices. Plan on a big screen with web integration, share your location in real-time, and leverage the full power of map tools and sport packet features.

Your journey awaits. Download Locus Map today, and turn every outing into an unforgettable adventure. Let’s explore the world together, one step, pedal, or ski at a time.

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Locus user reviews :

Locus Maps has redefined navigation with its outstanding Audio Coach feature, ensuring stay-awareness of my stats without constant screen checks. Additionally, its compatibility with Tasker and a developer-friendly API opens up endless customization possibilities, setting it apart as the ultimate navigation app. For an unparalleled and personalized experience, Locus Maps is a must-have. Highly recommended! I love locus

Just amazing. The best for offline navigation when hiking and bicycling. Thanks Locus – you have helped us through exciting hikes many times.

Best android map app I’ve used, once you’ve learned how to use it, it’s so capable,that’s normal for anything with many feature & opt. Only negative I have is the topo maps I use for 4×4 off-roading in Australia are dated or sub par quality. No reflection on the apps ability, I’ve purchased multiple other apps with up to date topo maps which are great, but always revert to this app for great usability and features. If I could use a purchased map on this app I’d never look at anything else again

  • Hi Roland, please tell us more about the maps you wish to have in the app at We’ll check if there is cooperation with their providers possible. Michal, Locus team

The interface might be somewhat non-optimal or tricky, but does its work

Good morning. Does the app have the ability to plan a route/trip in real time with several people on different devices. It’s about a cooperative session where everyone can modify the route according to their own suggestions

  • Hi, unfortunately, this is possible only with all apps logged in with the same Locus account. Michal, Locus team

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