Loop Player – Repeating user defined part of audio

[App] Loop Player – A B Repeat Player

Loop PlayerLoop Player is an A – B repeating player (repeating user defined part of audio between A and B points) with advanced controls and playback speed support.

This repeat media player app is very useful to study new languages, practice music, dance or tai-chi trainees or listen to eBooks. Loop Player was originally designed for learning guitar but you can also use it for practicing any musical instrument, listen audio books, learn courses and many more. You can use it the practice the difficult parts of a song and with the build in “playback speed” controller you can adjust the playback speed to your current playing level.

The application is very simple to use. First you load a song from your personal audio library and then you basically have two controls “A” and “B”. These are used to set the starting and ending point of your loop. Also you have additional controls to fine-tune the starting and ending points and to control the playback speed of your audio file.

Free version features
Playing audio
Repeat interval or looping
Change playback speed
File browsing
Background audio

PRO version features
You can unlock PRO version via purchase:
Support for more file types.
Support playback speeds from 0.3x to 1.7x.
No advertising.

If you like this app, please take some time and review it :).

Contact us:
Email: arpytoth[at]gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/loopplayer/

Internet and Network State: This app is ad-supported and requires Internet to display ads.
Billing: Used to unlock PRO version.
External Storage: Used to load audio files in this application.

Loop Player user reviews :

This is an extremely useful app and I use it extensively every single day. I would be lost without it and not be able to learn my orchestra trumpet parts. Being able to slow things down and loop sections has made learning tricky sections possible. Obviously it will be useful for guitar too when I get back to guitar, and any other instrument. The author has also kindly incorporated some additional functionality that I suggested. I can’t rate this app highly enough!

  • Thanks very much for your review

Fabulous app. I’m learning to play the Irish whistle and this app is just perfect for practicing parts of the music over and again. A feature which would make it EVEN more perfect, would be the ability to add a small gap at the start of each loop. So a player can gather their thoughts, and in my case, breathe, before running through the loop again.

  • Thanks very much for your review.

This app is doing the job for me but has one annoying feature: I can’t just play one loop selected with AB, it always keeps playing. I’m studying language and want to hit play, hear the segment ONCE, then attempt to understand/speak the segment, then hit play again to check myself. I have no use for clipping/saving loops. I just tried LP2 and it has mostly cosmetic adjustments and removed the AB control from the main play screen! More screen-switching is not an improvement!

  • Hi, you have a button at the bottom that you can use to set the maximum number of repetitions. If you set it to 1 it will play once and then stop. Indeed the interface of LP2 is more “complex” and that’s not always desired, that’s why I committed to also maintain LP1. Some people requested features from LP2 such as playlists and other fancy stuff.
UPDATE: Below was part of my original review but the developer has since added the button! I can’t believe you added it that fast! Thank you very much! “It does its job which is to loop. However…[it’d] be great if there was a button that allowed you to go back to the beginning of your loop without changing the start/end times of it.”
  • Arpad Toth
  • Hi, thanks for your quick replay. I added a new button to jump back to the beginning of the loop. If you have any other requests you can reach me at arpytoth@gmail.com :) Thanks again for your suggestion, I play guitar and I find the new button very usefull, hope you’ll like it too
Delay in the loop so close to being a perfect app
  • Arpad Toth
  • Thanks for your feedback. Can you tell me your more info about your Android phone? Some of the delays can be caused by the hardware.
Best app ever most useful app in history!!
  • Arpad Toth
  • Thanks very much

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