Lost Artifacts – Build a city and manage resources

[Game] Lost Artifacts

Lost ArtifactsSet off with Claire on an adventure through the uncharted continent of the casual strategy game Lost Artifact.

For a long time, Claire worked as a historian and archeologist in a prominent university.

When she chose her course in life she thought she’d be searching for ancient treasure, but instead ended up spending all her time reading. Then one day Claire noticed a peculiar coincidence. Had she really uncovered a treasure map of the ancient Tonauak people? So without a second thought, she left in search of the treasure. She had been waiting for so long and couldn’t miss her chance.

What will you find there? Get ready for island games, 49 vivid levels, lots of different objectives, increasing difficulty, a fun plot, and a unique world with captivating gameplay for any age. Build a city and manage resources, restore ancient statues, use powerful magic and draw power from holy places. With its simple controls and easy training, you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

Lost Artifacts — Restore the ancient city and defeat the dark priest!

A unique world, similar to the Cook Islands, that gets its magic from ancient statues and holy places – real magic rush!
You can build a village.
A fun plot, vivid graphics, and unforgettable characters!
Lots of different objectives you haven’t yet encountered!.
More than 40 unique levels.
Dangerous enemies: wild men, ancient curses, bears, and crocodiles.
4 unforgettable locations: forests, plains, tribal deserts and cursed lands.
Helpful bonuses: speed up work, stop time, fast run.
Simple controls and easy training.
More than 20 hours of exciting gameplay for any age.
Cool game music.

Lost Artifacts user reviews :

The demo portion was good (until level 11). Watch an ad to play the level then it goes back to the opening credits and plays *another* ad. Then you push play and it goes back to the opening credits and replays the ad, a continous loop. So if you want that ad revenue, you should fix this as it will quickly lead to an uninstall. Otherwise 5 stars.

Great little game, played one like it years ago and couldn’t find it again, then this pops up as I’m looking for a new game, great time waster and I get really addicted. Love that is nice and simple too, I love having some games I don’t have to put loads of strategy into, just sit there and happily play with no stress. Just to bad I will have to pay for others like it though not much , because I tend to never get round to buying games as I’m perfectly happy to watch adds for a free game.

I like the game in fact I bought 3 Lost artifacts game already but when I fished all three, I went back to this one and chose easy mode so I can do it over. But when I reached level 10 it asked me to either watch or purchase but it doesn’t show the buttons and won’t let me through. Help please! Still with same issue after phone reboot
  • 8floor games ltd
  • Hello! We are really sorry that you had to encounter troubles with the game. Is this issue still relevant after you reboot your device?

Strategy game and levels are easy to progress. No lives meaning you can keep playing even when you cannot complete the level within the time limit. Free to progress by watching video after each levels but cheap to buy if you’re fedup with watching videos.

Good game to play. Very distracting to have a time out. It gets your brain working. I also downloaded the extra package, it was worth it. I had lots of fun, I would play it again.
  • 8floor games ltd
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback! We’ll continue our work to provide you with the best gaming experience.

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