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[Game] Lost Between the Lines

Lost Between the LinesA large-volume visual novel with beautiful illustrations by a popular artist!

As to what exactly is starting, it’s a perfectly normal high school love story starring a somewhat abnormal girl!
The cool, intellectual Suzumiya Rion.

She usually keeps her distance from her classmates, but for some reason, she invited me out on a date!
And the secret Rion’s hiding will finally be revealed…
If you clear all five endings, you’ll find out your future with her.
Try out all the different choices and see where you end up.

The game system is a simple visual novel
The choices that appear here and there in the story change the distance between you and your girlfriend!
The story will branch into one of five different endings accordingly.
Restart the game again and again to complete all the endings!

Main character:Suzumiya Rion
She is the most elegant, serious, and studious high school girl in the school!
Rine Suzumiya, who is the most popular madonna in the school, is suddenly approaching you, a girl with whom she has little contact!
However, her eyes sometimes glaze over with a lonely look. ……
When her secret is revealed, their romance begins!

Voice: Hikaru Ueda
Rion is voiced by Hikaru Ueda, who also played the lead role in the Japanese animation!


Lost Between the Lines user reviews :

It seems like a nice story so far, but Chapter 2 is called ‘Ending’ in the menu. It does clarify that it unlocks chapters 2-5 when you tap it, but it was easy to assume that there were only two because of the chapter name. If all five chapters have a similar amount of content, that puts the total completion time at around a few hours. That seems a bit short for $15 considering that the voice acting is sparse (just a few keywords) and that there aren’t many choices (maybe that ramps up later?).

A good game to spend your free time with. A loner like you dates a girl, with an added secret to boot. The storyline is written well, and the VA really hit it off! The art was drawn well—though it could become better—and the controls are easy to use and the soft palette of the art is a total plus. This game still has a lot of room to improve,I hope they will also put iconic scenes— and not all of the heroine’s lines were voiced. A few factors aside, this game can offer a good service.

It’s a good game, and also has voice acting. Voice acting in VNs are things that I really care about. Tho, one key feature that this lacks is the option to save a scene and load it back later

Man the chapter 2-5 is so hella expensive but still great story. I’m pretty satisfied in the episode 18 in chapter 1 but the episode 19 was pretty sad to me and it said to be continued but there’s no more next episode I hope they make it happy ending(chapter 1)

To be honest I love the story, the graphics. But can you make it more interactive and creative.

Chapter 1 was really a magnificent introduction to the story. Although buying the rest of the chapters is quite pricey.

it was great so far,i didn’t really look up for this game but it came in recommended and it was worth trying,the art style was pretty,the voice over was perfect ,the story line was kind of interesting indeed also it was free so i would say it’s the best

This game is great,i love the story but i only play chapter 1.i really wanted to buy the other chapter but seems like we cant bind (connect) this game to our account,so thats mean if we delete this game or something,all the data will be gone.i really hope you can add it sooner.so i can buy the other chapter.

It’s lovely but once I leave the app and get back it starts from the beginning,and it stops at a particular part of the game

Absolute have the best stories, If your gonna make another chapter or a 2nd game of this content, IM WILLING TO BUY IT

Good story You should add more choices though Would absolutely love it The visuals are so attractive like damn Good job but add more choices please Then you will get 5 stars though it doesnt matter

It’s a great game, it’s fast-paced and interesting, I enjoyed it. Although, I’m not going to know what happens in chapter 2 onwards because I don’t have money

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