Lost in the Dungeon – Only the strategy ensures your survival

[Game] Lost in the Dungeon

Lost in the DungeonYou are lost in the dungeon.

The old sword and armor are all you have. Enemies who do not know the identity rush from everywhere. Be strong. And survive.

‘Lost in the Dungeon’ is a roguelike puzzle RPG.
Raid the dungeons by connecting the spirit stones with the drawing of a brush.
Earn more experience and money and grow endlessly.

Only the strategy ensures your survival.
Death is always fair.

Are you tired of extreme character drawing? You do not have the character you want?
If you enjoy the game, all the warriors are open to the conditions.
24 different warriors are prepared to enjoy the game in a completely different strategy.
Of course, the character will continue to be added through the update. And continue to be free.
There is no drawing.

The Cruel World of Roguelike
Growth in the game is very fast. And every time, it will ask you a question.
Which equipment to buy and what ability to raise is better suited to survival.
If the enemy’s damage is too hurt, you should buy better armor or increase your health.
If the enemy does not die, you should buy a stronger weapon.
It is also a way to pursue more gold.
If you can not make the right choice, it’s death only.

Combine various skills and puzzles to kill enemies
All skills are designed to work with puzzles.
You can also use the appropriate skills to overturn the battlefield.
Shuffle blocks, blow them wide, erase enemies, or reflect damage.
Various skills are available and you can use it according to your strategy.
And all of them are free.

Key Features
24 characters with unique strategies
40 kinds of various monsters
Weapons and equipments with unlimited combinations.
Unlike puzzle games, feel the great sense of hit

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Lost in the Dungeon user reviews :

Love the game. I however am stuck and the game doesn’t seem to pick up on it. I cannot make any moves due to there not being any 3 blocks of the same color to select (some are bound). I don’t want to loose any of my rewards by starting a new game. What can I do?
  • Orobas Soft
  • Thank you for playing the game. Unfortunately, that seems to be our mistake. It may be too late, but if you can send me a screenshot, it will be a great help in fixing this. We are also checking the source code to fix the bug as much as possible. We do not speak English. We hope our response has been properly communicated.

Pretty standard genre of game. Not too sure how I feel about only targeting enemies of the color type. Would rather probably not be the normal variant where color type choose which character attacks.

Its a fun game but the edges of the game go outside of the Pixel 3 screen and things are hidden behind the notch
  • Orobas Soft
  • Thanks for the bug report! We have received this bug report by email before. However, there was no information on which mobile phone it was on. We will be able to fix bugs on the device.

Very fun game. Unique character traits affect strategy.

Good game design, very not p2w. Need to adjust text and window design to accommodate higher resolution screens as the text is too small to read.

Love the gameplay and paid to remove ads. Would be 5 stars if paying to remove ads also removed ads when opening chests.

It’s nice so far. I’m curious to see where this one goes.

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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