Lost Jewels – Keep you hooked for a long time

[Game] Lost Jewels

Lost JewelsDive into the addictive and fun world of Lost Jewels !

Join Divine Oracle in her relentless search for the lost jewels and help her overcome the challenging obstacles during this mythical match 3 puzzle adventure!

A thrilling match-3 game that will keep you hooked for a long time for Free! Solving puzzles has never been so much fun. Join your friends and millions of other players in the journey of Lost Jewels ! This puzzle adventure makes matching 3 or more colorful gems a must try challenge filled with magical locations, friends to compete with and exciting features.

Match colored gems , unleash the power of Magic Talismans and recover the trapped treasure chests! Play this exciting and challenging free puzzle game with your friends  !

Key Features

Colorful HD Assets and Full Support for Tablets for a better user experience
Simple, addictive and fun match 3 game play
More than 1600 levels with unique exciting puzzles and obstacles
Unique and innovative power-ups and magic powers to help you in your journey
Connect with your friends and compete with them in this fun Adventure
Constant free updates with new levels and features

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Lost Jewels user reviews :

New to the game. Took me a minute to get used to new approach to match 3 type of game. Better explanation of game play is needed for some game boards, but overall, enjoying playing.

I love this game! Normally I get bored after 50 or so levels, but this game is always changing! Kudos to the creators! Very fun and not boring

I love this game and it’s sister game Lost bubble. Very addicting. It makes you become strategic,rather than to look for hints.

Love this game. Play it every day. Still fun to play, even after getting through more than a thousand levels.

Just 1 player, me. The game allows for progress at my own timeline. The pressure to be on your top game has been eliminated. Thank you game creators.

I like all the Peak games, this is a tad bit confusing at times but still quite fun

I like the concept, and it’s a visually pleasing game, but it just gets way too difficult quick. If I have to play the same level for days, running through all my lives, money etc. then imo, the game isn’t worth playing. I’m getting to that point in this game quickly!

Like the graphics a lot but need more explanation for the free helpers at the bottom of the game especially the lock.

Love this have played it off and on for years so fun I keep coming back… That says it all. I don’t download to many games more than once thanks so fun and challenging you are missing out if you haven’t downloaded it yet…….redownloaded so hubby and wife can play love it.

This is a very challenging with many levels but don’t get fooled by the beginning ease of the stages because they get more intense very quickly. I love this game

The game is pretty good. I’m a little frustrated that players can’t get power ups if the jewel is chained, but otherwise like it.

Love the sounds ! So many variations on playing this game it keeps me amused when in Dr. Office…..I definitely feel you should try it. You will be hooked..

Good game, just needs better goal directions.

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