Mad Zombies Cleaner

[Game] Mad Zombies Cleaner

Mad Zombies CleanerMad Zombies Cleaner : All expected sequel of Deadlands Road Zombie Shoote”.

After long years of exhausting wanderings in deserted world, spent in searching for the peaceful place untouched by the decay, our desperate hero and his group are convinced that it doesn’t exist. After reconsidering their position, they decide to settle in nearby city, another spawn of chaos and death, the cleansing of which falls on shoulders of our hero and his men.

Follow their struggle for the place in the city, overcoming the force of decayed corpses, selfish military and local bandit groups.

Only the strongest survives, only the most armed one – checkout new workshop, in which you can upgrade your vehicles up to their threshold.
Explore two large maps, two detailed districts of the city.
Pass through twenty unique missions narrating the story of struggle of main hero and his men, and also earn some money in many more additional missions.
Five deadly weapons of destruction, among which minigun, flamethrower and even the rocket launcher.
Pick one of four vehicles, each one differ with their speed, armor and deadliness

Kill all of your enemies and zombies – cleanse the city!


post apocalyptic open world, which will immerse you in the atmosphere of the world that survived its end
diverse story missions and plenty optional additional jobs
intriguing comic story
variety of vehicles, from fast passenger to unstoppable truck
variety of weapons, designed for destroying your enemys and zombies
vehicle and weapon upgrade system
variety of enemys, among wich decayed corpses, selfish military and local bandits

Mad Zombies Cleaner user reviews :

This is a good game. Only thing is, can you please reduce the cost of upgrades? Also can u make it so that whenever my car gets stuck or when im stuck in a ditch, i am able to respawn in the same place a little far away from the place where i got stuck. Also can u make it so that there are 5 upgrades instead of 3? If u do this, i will change rating to 5 star. Until then, only 3 star. Other than that, this game is awesome. I recomend playing this game.

Love the atmosphere and the style, maybe lacking a bit of fog. Car needs more power, it’s just too slow.


Very good game nice graphics keep it up dreamforest games luv uhh keep updating and making new games i play your every games and trucker mountain delivery is my best game andplay daily
  • Dreamforest Games
  • Thanks a lot!

The game is very amazing and challenging but can you add a cross hair for aming because it is so annoying and so hard to aim allover the game is really very good.THANKS

This is a very good game and i like this game

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