Magic Archer – Save the world from evil forces and terrible monsters

[Game] Magic Archer – Hero hunt for gold and glory

Magic Archer  Are you ready to have the courage to save the world from evil forces and terrible monsters?!

Go on a legendary hunt and save the fantasy world from an army of enemies!

Upgrade your powerful skills, get incredible new weapon and equipment (from unique to legendary), and defeat epic bosses!
Go through thousands of levels with obstacles and hordes of monsters and collect untold treasures of the dungeons.
Create unstoppable combinations of skills and weapon to help you defeat monsters and demons.
Use your bow and arrow to survive and become a hero of archery.
Only a true archer hero can save this world from chaos. Become a legend.
Forward to meet glory and gold!

All this in the new fantasy arrow game – Magic Archer: hero hunt for gold and glory

Key Features:

explore many colorful magic worlds and dungeons
unlock powerful unique weapons, cool armor, awesome rings and magic artifacts
learn epic skills and create crazy combinations to win
fight impossible bosses and various scary monsters

Start hunting now! Get your bow and arrow ready. An unforgettable adventure awaits you. Millions of monsters and tons of gold in Magic Archer: hero hunt for gold and glory.

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Magic Archer user reviews :

Hard to grind items. Yeah easy to play but the item drop is very low and need chptr 3 before you can open a chest. Stage 1 and 2 even i do it many times NO DROP EQUIPMENT. the heck. Game is grind and grind but if always 50 stage and no drop even 1 equipment I’m out. Edit : yeah thanks for make it higher I already reinstall the game and played it again so many white item drop that can be merge into other color and so many scroll drops to upgrade my items now thanks.
  • Kometa.Games
  • Hey! We’ve greatly increased item drops. Thanks for the feedback! We are waiting for you in the game! Thank you so much for updated review!!
I can’t even log in it say loading and going on for hours i waited for it but it truned out very disappointing and it even has a offine tag but to play it we need data im very displeased i was hoping to play the game after 1 year which is this year.I liked it very much appreciated it and leveled up quite a bit but now……….i liked to give the worst review. Oh For new gamers its a very fun game to play(alone) with data and its very exciting and leveling frequently very fun to play must play
  • Kometa.Games
  • Hello. Thanks for the review! We are working on new versions!
Good game. Finally, an archer game that can LITERALLY can be played while offline/Wi-fi turned off. Neat graphics, somewhat cute. Why only 4 stars? Coz I’m looking forward for the betters updates for this game. This game has a potential in the future updates! Good job devs!
  • Kometa.Games
  • Hello. Thank you for your review! We are working on new versions!
So, this game is basically an archero copy. Not just an archero type of game, it’s pretty much the same thing, aesthetically, the upgrade system… Everything. If you play archero the only time you would play this is when your out of stamina on archero
  • Kometa.Games
  • Hello! We have a much brighter dynamic, and you choose the awards in the events by yourself. We have the best bosses on the market. Good luck with the game!!! Hopefully you can revisit your rating later cuz we have even more drop rates in the game!
After replaying, Not bad on the update, my only issue now is the necklace slot. There is no necklace at all. Ive beaten world 8. No hard lvs after 6. No new weapons. Character add ons are nice. But no necklaces. Why a necklace slot if no necklace. Need more weapon drops. Need necklaces now. Will not play again until these issuse are fixed thank you for what you have developed so far.
  • Kometa.Games
  • Thanks for the review after the update!
I love the game.. Very addictive game.. Good job devs.. But my concern here.. Pls put some easy way to destroy all the items.. Like mark as all then destroy all the items, its hard to destroy it one by one.. So hastle.. and pls put some pvp arena battle pls pls pls.. I love the game..
  • Kometa.Games
  •  Thank you so much for the great review !!! We will work on new updates.
really well put together archero style game. graphics are good. game play is good. I really like the pets and the fact your equipment actually shows up on you so you can really customize your look. the game so far after 4 stages seems pretty balanced so I’ll edit if i seem to hit a paywall but they do pretty well at giving lots of free gifts and the 1st buy packs( I call them game support packs) are decent priced. have not watched one ad. you can to spin the wheel but it isn’t necessary.
  • Kometa.Games
  • Thanks a lot for 5 stars

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Game Removed from Play Store

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