Mahjong Forest Puzzle – Match all the tiles to complete a board

[Game] Mahjong Forest Puzzle

Mahjong Forest Puzzle

Oh no! Chipmunk Rolly lost her acorns!

Go on a Mahjong quest with Rolly in search of her missing nuts and rescue baby birds along the way!


Match all the tiles to complete a board.
Save the baby birds stuck between the tiles!
Collect shining golden acorn tiles!


180+ layouts!
Easy to play, but gets harder!
Use powerful boosters if the level is a tough nut to crack!
Unique collection items from each chapter.
Customize the adorable Rolly with charming outfits!
Beautiful graphics and sound effects.

Mahjong Forest Puzzle contains ads like banner, interstitial, video and house ads.
Mahjong Forest Puzzle is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items like AD FREE.
Mahjong Forest Puzzle is designed for smartphone or tablet.



App Permissions
Photo/Media/File: required storage access permission to save game data

Permission withdrawal method
Android 6.0+: Device Settings> Application Management> Select App> Revoke Access
Under Android 6.0: Can revoke access by deleting application

Have fun on your Forest Puzzle with the best tile game!

Mahjong Forest Puzzle user reviews :

I enjoy it. I don’t think I need Rolly sticking his head into my game the second I can’t find EDIT – NEW REVIEW I’ve been trying to get a hold of support, but after asking me some questions they never got back to me! It’s like they ceased to exist. If I can’t get this fixed, I can’t play, so I might as well uninstall. Thanks for nothin’ support!

I like this game. It is easy to play for end of the day. Or anytime of the day. Really cute characters. Music is really relaxing. The majhong squares are pretty designed. A little small, but workable. The mahjong boards are kept small for fast games. Thank you manufactures. This game would work for anybody or any age. Please try it. I think you would really like it.

One or two issues still to be resolved. 1) Why, when I’m obliged to pause the game because of a text or a call, am I thrown straight into an advert when I return to the app? Bad idea, developers. 2) When playing the daily challenges, I’ve now lost out on 5 level completion rewards because none of the boxes will open when tapped. Not fair!

  • We are glad you like our game, Cherry Blackmore We will share your opinion about the ad problem with our development team and check the ad frequency. Please contact us through the mail icon in the game when you feel too much uncomfortable about the ads. We’ll gladly assist you!

Love, love, love the game. The only thing I don’t love is that every time you need a shuffle, you have a 30 second ad. I understand needing the ad, but 30 seconds is too long because you need the shuffle often. Edit: Well, I was loving it until all of a sudden it started doing new stuff with no explanation. If things are going to change, at least a bit of instructions would be nice. For example, why are some of the tiles blinking and hiding? Some sort of tutorial would have been nice. Ugh!!!!!!

  • We are glad you like our game, We will share your opinion about the ad problem with our development team and check the ad frequency. Please contact us when you feel too uncomfortable about the ads. We’ll gladly assist you!

Fun, addictive game for all ages. Love the colours and the pictures. The difficulty levels are great. Would be better if there was an option to remove in app purchases and ads (even for a small fee) as my 4yo loves to play too and it is very easy to tap the wrong button. Or at least be consistent with the colour of buttons for people who can’t read eg ‘green buttons’ are always safe to tap to continue on past the ad or purchase pop-up.

  • Hi, Thanks for your important feedback! We will deliver your opinion to our development team and work on the issue. Thank you

I really enjoy the game but I’m almost done with all the levels. And they don’t have a monthly calendar anymore. That part I’m really bummed about. I enjoyed playing the daily puzzle and getting the 3 prizes during the month. Please bring that back and add more levels if possible. It’s a really cute game.

I was really enjoying this game with the adorable chipmunk… but all of the sudden Firefly Forest apparently needs to be started agian, even though I have already completed 31 out of 60 levels. My rating would have been 5 stars if it wasn’t for this very frustrating issue. Also, “pick a prize” becomes unresponsive & I’m forced to hard exit the game as I can’t go back or skip I really thought the most recent update (23/4) would have fixed these issues Please fix this issue dev team

Well I love playing this game. It’s very relaxing and fun. However, the last few days, the app has been unexpectedly closing while in the middle of the level I’m on. It’s been happening a lot and very frustrating. I would give it a 5star rating, but until that problem gets fixed, it’s only a 4 for me.

I love this game! Thank you for fixing the problem of the game freezing when there were no moves left. Could you please add August daily puzzles? A suggestion I have is that you should give 1 day grace period for the daily puzzle. For example, today you can do today’s and yesterday’s without having to watch a video. If you want to play one from before yesterday you would have to watch a video.

  • Thank you for reporting Our developers are investigating the matter. I’ll inform you as soon as we fix the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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